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Life Event Lending

Financial needs are not one-size-fits-all. Neither are Michigan First personal loans. Whether you want to pay for your dream wedding, an important medical procedure, or a boat you've had your eye on, we have a customized loan for every dream and every need. Our affordable loans can be used for:

  • Life stages such as getting married, having a baby, going to college, or buying a new home.
  • Unexpected events such as a medical procedure, auto repairs, job loss, or the passing of a loved one.
  • Living your best life by updating your home, taking a trip, consolidating debt, or buying a boat or other vehicle.

Loan Types

  • Life Event Loan:  It's money you can use however you want. You borrow a set amount at a fixed rate and make monthly payments. It's almost always more cost-effective than charging large payments to a credit card.
  • Savings Secured Loan: Use your savings account as collateral for a low-interest loan. Borrow from $500 up to the balance in your account. This is a great way for you to rebuild your credit score so you can eventually qualify for a larger loan.
  • Signature Line of Credit: It's comforting to know you have extra money available. This loan comes with a preset limit and you can draw from it anytime. We offer a fixed interest rate and convenient access via online and mobile banking.

Michigan First is a full-service credit union with branches that are easily accessible around Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids and mid-Michigan.