Health & Wellness

Be happy, healthy, & productive!

As a full-time team member, you’ll enjoy low deductibles, low co-pays and affordable cost sharing. Eligible part-time team members enjoy many great benefits too!

Medical Coverage
Choose between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PPO and HMO plans.

These comprehensive plans include preventive care, urgent care, maternity, mental health, prescription coverage and more.

Dental Coveragehealth_wellness
Our Delta Dental coverage allows you to take advantage of preventive and acute services as well as orthodontia.

Vision Coverage
Vision insurance is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, which covers eye exams, full cost or discounted frames, lenses and contacts.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance
To help protect team members’ income, short term disability insurance and long term disability insurance is provided to cover 66% of your total salary amount and will be paid during the time you are out on approved medical leave.