Personal Banking Fees

Experience the credit union advantage

Enjoy the freedom and financial flexibility of lower fees by banking with a credit union, like us.

As a not-for-profit credit union, Michigan First isn't looking to make a profit. Instead, we pour extra revenue back into our daily operations, to the financial benefit of our members. One way we look out for you is by setting lower fees for a wide range of services.

All fees are effective as of January 1, 2024.

ATM/Debit Cards Costs MoneyPerks Points
Card Replacement-Lost/Stolen $12 3,000
Foreign Transaction 1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars N/A
MoneyNow® Debit Card Transaction $19 2,500
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)** $31 4,000
PIN Reorder $2 500
Sales Receipt Copy $5 1,000
ATM Transaction Fees Costs MoneyPerks Points
All Michigan First/CO-OP ATMs Free N/A
All Other ATM Networks $2.50 700
MoneyNow® ATM-Up to Each $500 Increment $29 3,800
Surcharge for Non-CO-OP Network Transactions at Michigan First ATMs $5 N/A
Certificate Services Costs MoneyPerks Points
Certificate Account Early Withdrawal Penalty

Through 1 Year: 90 days of dividends

Over 1 year: 180 days of dividends

Credit Card Costs MoneyPerks Points
Card Replacement-Lost/Stolen $12 3,000
Cash Advance 3% of advance, minimum $10 N/A
Credit Card Late Payment $25 N/A
Foreign Transaction 1% of each transaction in U.S. Dollars N/A
NSF (Returned Payment) $25 4,000
Secured Credit Card-Annual Fee $50 N/A
Checking Accounts Costs MoneyPerks Points
Account Reconciliation $25/hour N/A
Check Copy $5 1,000
Check Printing and Reorders Varies 3,000
Classic Checking $20/month N/A
MoneyNow® Checks Not Negotiated Through Teller $19 2,500
Any MoneyNow® Transactions Negotiated Through Teller-
Up to Each $500 Increment
$29 3,800
MoneyNow® Zelle® Transaction-Up to Each $500 Increment $29 3,800
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)** $31 4,000
NSF Return-Deposited Check

With Ownership in Drawing Account: $31

Without Ownership in Drawing Account: Free

Overdraft Transfer from Savings 1 free/month, $4 each additional 900
Stop Payment $31 4,000
Zelle® Transactions Free N/A
Loan Programs Costs MoneyPerks Points
Delinquent Loan/Late Fee 20% of delinquent interest
(10 day grace period)
Extension Agreement $40 5,000
NSF Loan Payment** $31 4,000
Refinance Program-Soft Credit Pull $25 N/A
Refinance Program-Loan Modification $75 N/A
Additional Skip-A-Pay for Eligible Loans $40
$60 home equities
5,000 most loans
7,000 home equities
General Services Costs MoneyPerks Points
Account History-From Staff, No Limit on Pages $5 1,000
Account/Loan Number Change, Member Request $50 6,000
Account Reopening Within One Year of Closing $50 N/A
Account Reopening After Charge Off $50 N/A
Account Research-Members $25/hour N/A
Account Research-Outside Agencies $50/hour N/A
Cash Advance-Another Financial Institution Card $5 1,000
Foreign Checks-Collection Items $10 + bank charges N/A
Levies and Garnishments $100 N/A
Minimum Balance Fee* (After 3 Months) $3/month 800
Money Orders $3 800
Non-Member Cash Advance $10 N/A
Non-Member Check Cashing $10 N/A
Official Check $3 800
Official Check Copy $5 1,000
Official Check Stop Payment $31 4,000
Phone Transfer Within Own Account Via Call Center $1 250
Phone Transfer/Payment From External Account $5 1,000
Safe Deposit Box 3x5 $40/year 5,000
Safe Deposit Box 3x10 $55/year 7,000
Safe Deposit Box 5x10 $90/year 12,000
Safe Deposit Box 10x10 $120/year 17,000
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $200 N/A
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key $20 N/A
Service Centers/Shared Branch $4/ teller cash withdrawal N/A
Statement Copy-No Limit on Pages $5 1,200
Unclaimed Property Fee $50 N/A
Undeliverable Mail/Returned $5 1,000
Verification of Deposits $10 N/A
ACH Electronic Funds Costs MoneyPerks Points
Manual Posting of an ACH Item $20/item after appropriate notice N/A
MoneyNow® ACH Transactions $19 2,500
Returned ACH** $31 4,000
Stop Payment $31 4,000
Wire Transfers-Incoming Free N/A
Wire Transfers-Outgoing Domestic $25 3,500
Wire Transfers-Outgoing International $50 7,000