Ways to Drop Your Grocery Bill

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Purchasing food is a necessity, so how do you save on that price tag?

Figure out your baseline

First, do your homework and calculate how much you’re currently spending at the store. How frequently are you going? How much money do you spend per trip? What does that total up to every month? Our online budget calculator can help determine these costs. With the tips below, you can reduce your grocery bill and save more money each month. 

Join the store’s reward program

Many grocery stores use reward programs to help you build rewards and save money. At checkout, enter your information or scan your rewards card to build points for each purchase. Meijer uses mPerks, Kroger has rewards points – and it’s usually easy to sign up for free when you’re at the store or through the store app. Plus, many of these stores will let you apply rewards points to fuel costs, whether at their store gas station or a partnered fuel center, helping you to save money.

Clip coupons

Cutting out coupons is still a tried and true way to save money at the store. Coupons may be delivered right to your physical mailbox, and you can clip the ones you would use. Most stores will now email these coupons straight to your inbox, or  place them in your account automatically if the store you shop at uses an app. However, remind yourself that just because you have a coupon does not mean you have to buy an item.

Make a list and stick to it

Before heading to the store, take the time to write down a list of exactly what you need. This makes it easier to stick to your game plan and not overspend. It may even speed up your shopping time. When you begin looking at or selecting items that are not on the list, it’s a good time to ask yourself, “do I really need this?”  Also consider how many days per week you are visiting the grocery store. By limiting your amount of store visits, you are likely to spend less money on unnecessary items.

Don’t shop hungry

When your stomach is rumbling and you’re getting hungry, you probably should not be grocery shopping. The desire to eat may outweigh your wish to save money at that moment. Having a snack or meal before heading to the store will ensure that you are not shopping on an empty stomach.

You don’t need to do everything on this list to lower your grocery bill, but even just making a few small changes can have a positive impact on bringing that monthly cost down. Make a goal for yourself and think about what that reward may look like!

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