Meet Seventh President and CEO Jennifer Borowy

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On October 15, we named Jennifer Borowy as the new Chief Executive Officer and President of Michigan First Credit Union. We sat down with Jennifer to talk about her career and learn more about her.

First thing... You’re from Ohio. Which sports teams are you supporting?

It’s true! Originally I am from Ohio and I come from a family of big football fans. Don’t worry, we aren’t Buckeyes! We would go to Cleveland Browns games. Now that we’re in Michigan we support the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings. 

Outside of sports, what are some of the things you’ve come to love about Michigan?

There’s a lot to do here. The lakes are great places to visit, especially because my husband loves to fish. Cider mill hopping wasn’t a thing in Ohio and we enjoy the fall family activities available here. We’re really busy with family and sporting events. I’ve also picked up golf and enjoy going to the driving range or playing a round at a local course. I also run outside, just not... during the winter months, it’s too cold!

Okay, well on to the serious stuff... Tell us about your first job.

I worked a lot through college and my first professional job was a part-time teller. My undergraduate degree was in education, but I ended up loving my job as a teller and they recruited me to their retail development program. Helping people was extremely impactful for me and I really felt like I was able to make a difference.

Is that why you decided to pursue finance?

Absolutely. I ended up loving the fact I could help people understand their finances and it tied into my goal to be an educator. Sitting with people and hearing their stories, I got to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Plus I’m a big math nerd so I also enjoyed the number component!

So why Michigan First?

I wanted to work for a forward-thinking and innovative company. While interviewing I realized that the team at Michigan First, the supportive environment, and the board of directors were all going to give me so many learning opportunities to grow. I was also excited to work for an organization with a long, successful history of serving people well!

What are you most excited about in your new role?

I am so excited because I get the opportunity to continue working with this team and the board of directors. To be able to work with such an incredibly talented team is an honor and to have the support of the board really is a blessing.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

I was speaking with a member here and they told me something that’s always resonated with me. They said that ‘We are given two dates, a start date and an end date. What we do with that time in between is all that matters.’ I think about that conversation a lot and it keeps me going through the day. The way we treat people and the difference we’re able to make in peoples’ lives is what matters and that’s the footprint we leave. That’s my goal in leadership and my career at Michigan First, to  leave the best footprint possible.

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