Fraud Prevention

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Secure Your Accounts

Criminals are always looking for ways to steal account and personal information. To protect your money and banking experience, we make significant investments in security resources that defend member accounts. Your financial security is also dependent on how you protect yourself.

Safeguard Your Information

Do not share passwords, security codes, PIN information, full debit or credit card numbers, or CVV codes. Michigan First will never contact you asking for your account number or your social security number. Sharing this information with anyone may compromise your financial security.

Often times, scammers will “spoof” a financial institutions’ phone number to look legitimate. Scammers will text or call from these numbers pretending to work for the organization in order to retrieve personal and financial information.

If you were not expecting a call or text message from us, please do not respond. Michigan First will never unexpectedly call or text you asking for login credentials, credit card numbers or any other personal information. Do not share this information. Instead, hang up the phone or ignore the text message and call us directly at 800.664.3828.

Monitor Your Accounts

Enroll in Online Banking and download the Michigan First Mobile app to access your bank account from anywhere at any time:

  • Turn credit and debits cards on/off when not in use
  • Change PIN numbers
  • Be alerted anytime an international or online purchase is made
  • Set spending limits
  • Be alerted anytime a purchase is made above an amount you choose
  • Sign up for e-statements to monitor your accounts


Learn more about how we protect your accounts and additional tips to protect yourself: