Loan Debt Protection

A financial safety net for challenging times.

Have your loan payments forgiven during certain family emergencies.

Low-cost coverage
Choice of protection plans
Choice of protection plans

Experience relief when you need it the most

Almost every family relies on having a steady income stream. When the worst happens - a death, a disabling injury or job layoff - bills can pile up and financial challenges follow. With Loan Debt Protection, your loan payments can be forgiven for a certain time period or canceled altogether.

  • Choice of eight plans
  • Costs range from $0.73 a month (single account) to $10.90 a month (joint account)
  • Short-term loan coverage for loans of 120 months or less, unsecured lines of credit and credit cards
  • Long-term loan coverage for loans of 120 months or more and home equity lines of credit
  • No penalties when payments are canceled

How Can I Report a Claim?

To start the claim process, visit or call the Claim Center at 800.328.9442.

  • Select the “Bank, credit union, finance company, mortgage company” button
  • Click on “Start a new claim”
  • Once Securian receives your claim, they will review and notify you if it is approved, denied or if more information is needed.
  • Please continue making the loan payments until a claim decision is communicated to you
  • Claim status can be obtained by visiting or by calling 800.328.9442 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST

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