EMV Chips Coming to a Michigan First Card Near You

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EMV Chip
If you have an ATM, debit, or credit card with Michigan First, you’ll be receiving a replacement card by this summer. The new cards have an EMV chip embedded on the face of the card which enhances security. While magnetic stripe cards are still considered secure, smart chip technology is the next step to providing enhanced security to you, our members. Wherever you shop, dine, or play, your new EMV card will work for both chip and magnetic stripe transactions.

Additional information will be provided to you as we get closer to replacing your card(s). Some of your questions may already be answered below.

Why the change?
An embedded chip on the face of the card enhances the security of your card transactions when used at a chip-enabled terminal by encrypting your card information into a unique code that makes fraud more difficult.

How do I use it?
If the merchant you are shopping at has a chip-enabled terminal, simply insert your card, follow the screen prompts, sign and remove your card. The main difference is that you will now insert your card instead of swiping it. It’s similar to what you currently experience at an ATM. If the retailer is not equipped to read the chip card, just swipe as you do today. For transactions made over the phone or online, nothing changes.

Can I make a purchase using my new EMV chip-enabled card at a retailer that doesn’t have the new card reader?
Yes. The new EMV cards will be equipped with both chip and magnetic stripe functions to allow merchants time to adopt the new card reading terminals.

Will chip cards stop all fraud from occurring?
No. As the industry continues to develop new ways to protect consumers, criminals continue to look for new ways to commit fraud. Chip cards provide an additional layer of security at chip-enabled terminals, on top of the fraud prevention monitoring already being provided.

While magnetic stripe cards are still considered secure, chip technology is the next step to providing enhanced security to our members. Remember, if you notice any suspicious activity on your account, notify us immediately by calling the number on the back of your card.

If you have questions in the meantime, please stop by a Michigan First branch office, or call us 365 Live at 800.664.3828.

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