Michigan First Year in Review 2015

Check out the video for Michigan First’s Year in Review 2015! We’re looking forward to doing great things in 2016.…Continue Reading

Michigan First: Life’s Moments

At Michigan First, we’re here for our members – through good times and bad. If you’re struggling, let us know. Our team members are always willing to help you plan a way to get back on track. We’ll be there for all of life’s moments.…Continue Reading

Extra Credit Video Series

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s some info about our Extra Credit video series. Extra Credit is designed to give a crash course in all things finance. We’re not going too deep here – this is for those who have little to no understanding of how things like credit scores work, or …Continue Reading

Extra Credit: Credit Score Recap

Michigan First wraps up its first Extra Credit series with this credit score recap. Check out the entire Extra Credit series here and be sure to share with anyone who wants to learn about what makes up a credit score! Remember, your credit score will follow you around for the rest of your life and …Continue Reading

Boat Loans at Michigan First

Summer might be winding down, but there’s still plenty of time to spend on the water before the weather turns sour. Call Michigan First at 800.664.3828 to enjoy great service, great rates, and Great Lakes before time runs out!…Continue Reading

Michigan First Mortgage Hooked Me Up

Do you feel like this guy? Even with a solid job, steady income, and money in the bank, past credit trouble prevents him from getting a mortgage through a traditional lender. Lucky for him, Michigan First Mortgage is not your average lender – we won’t turn you away just because you’ve struggled in the past. …Continue Reading

Extra Credit: Length of Credit, Debt Accumulation, and Credit Mix

The next episode of Extra Credit explains three components of your credit score: the length of your credit history, recent debt accumulation, and your mix of credit. Check out the previous installment for information on the first two components, payment history and credit capacity. And as always, check the blog for more episodes of Extra Credit!…Continue Reading

Michigan First Car Sale May 14-16

These two friends are really, really excited about the Michigan First May Car Sale, and you should be too! Your new ride can be a one-stop shop with our quick, convenient and easy process! Choose from hundreds of pre-owned cars; take advantage of affordable on-the-spot financing, then drive off the lot. Check out all the …Continue Reading

Extra Credit: Payment History and Credit Capacity

Ever wonder what makes up your credit score? Janelle and Mona explain the two most important parts of your score: payment history and credit capacity.…Continue Reading