How to Save Money on School Supplies

It’s officially back to school season. Parents, can your budget pass the test of buying this year’s school supplies? Don’t worry – we have a study guide that will help you save. See What You Already Have: Odds are most of the school supplies on your list can be found in your home. Before you …Continue Reading

5 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

School supply shopping can have many parents groaning, panicking, or a combination of both. Anyone who works in education can relate, as well. Though the necessities cost money, there are a few ways to save money on school supplies that could help ease some of the financial strain. Round up what you already have. You …Continue Reading

4 Post-College Money Struggles

by Abby Meirndorf, Marketing College. It’s the best four years of your life. Everyone warns you, “Enjoy it while it lasts because it flies by.” I should have taken them seriously. College allowed me to be on my own for four years, and the last thing I wanted to do was move back in with …Continue Reading

The Basics of Student Loans

by Austin Chapman, 2012-2013 Young & Free Michigan Spokester If you’ve already got the money (or your parents are giving it to you) to pay your way through school, that’s awesome, congratulations! If not, you’ll need to get that money from somewhere and the most likely way to do this is by taking out a loan. Before …Continue Reading