3 Things to Know About Mortgage Insurance

What is mortgage insurance and how does it work? Mortgage insurance is designed to lower the risk to the lender. With mortgage insurance, you may qualify for a loan you might not be able to get otherwise. It’s primarily for home buyers making a down payment of 20% or less. While it does increase the cost …Continue Reading

Michigan First Mortgage Hooked Me Up

Do you feel like this guy? Even with a solid job, steady income, and money in the bank, past credit trouble prevents him from getting a mortgage through a traditional lender. Lucky for him, Michigan First Mortgage is not your average lender – we won’t turn you away just because you’ve struggled in the past. …Continue Reading

Michigan First Mortgage: Mortgage Experts Wanted!

Michigan First Mortgage, powered by Michigan First Credit Union, has emerged as one of Michigan’s fastest growing direct lenders. Michigan First Mortgage’s team of highly trained professionals prides itself on having greater flexibility than traditional lenders. Learn more. By Jeff McGee, Executive Vice President, Michigan First Mortgage Here at Michigan First Mortgage, we’re on the …Continue Reading