What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

We’re all human. Unfortunately that means sometimes errors are made. That’s why businesses needs errors and omissions insurance. As a business owner, a minor mistake could result in a major financial loss for your client. Even if your business isn’t at fault for the loss, you could get sued anyway. Errors and Omissions insurance will …Continue Reading

Building a Work Wardrobe on a Budget

You finally land a great job or internship and realize you have nothing to wear. Upgrading your college sweats and leggings to an office appropriate attire isn’t easy or cheap. Don’t Buy it all at Once – One of the biggest mistakes you can make when building your new wardrobe is to buy it all …Continue Reading

4 Ways to Rock That Elevator Pitch

Did you ever used to watch The Dating Game? Yes, it’s old-school and cheesy, but endlessly entertaining. The contestants on The Dating Game used to have to sum themselves up in a few very brief sentences — the relationship version of an elevator pitch. You know what an elevator pitch is: the 30-second summation of what you’re all about in the …Continue Reading

Young & Free Michigan on Fox 2 Job Shop

Young & Free Michigan’s Ebeth visited WJBK Fox 2’s Job Shop, hosted by Murray Feldman, to talk about summer job interview tips for young people. Ebeth, as always, brought her fun and upbeat personality — which paired with her solid information, proved a winning combination! Ebeth encouraged teenagers to research the company and position, be positive …Continue Reading