Calling all Consumers – Be Aware of Phone Scams

Most of the time, unsolicited calls (like those from telemarketers) are simply annoying, but it’s important to recognize when the call is a scam. Recently, there have been an increasing number of illegal calls with a scam artist or even “robocaller,” a recorded voice, on the other end trying to get consumers to answer “yes” …Continue Reading

Extra Layer of Mobile Banking Security Coming Feb. 14

Your security is important to us.  To help keep your online banking as secure as possible, on February 14, the security questions will be replaced with a security code, two-step authentication. With today’s social networking and information that is shared on these channels, security questions are not as secure as they used to be. How …Continue Reading

Michigan First Mortgage: How Safe is Your Personal Data When Applying for a Mortgage?

Image courtesy of Kate Hiscock via Flickr Creative Commons. Michigan First Mortgage, powered by Michigan First Credit Union, has emerged as one of Michigan’s fastest growing direct lenders. The Michigan First Mortgage team of highly trained lending professionals prides itself on having greater flexibility than traditional lenders. Learn more. By Dan Rafter, March 30, …Continue Reading

Data Breaches on the Rise, Protect Yourself

Each week seems to bring news of another data breach affecting consumers’ credit and debit cards. While our security and card processing systems are secure, data breaches have affected both large and small retailers that many of us shop at. If your credit or debit card data is compromised as part of a retailer’s security …Continue Reading