Buying A Car: New or Used?

  Buying a car can be stressful and even a bit overwhelming. Before you even start to look for some new wheels, though, you need to make a decision: new or used? Here are some things to consider when making your decision. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A NEW CAR Customization. You can pretty much get whatever you …Continue Reading

How to Decide if You Need a New Car

When the new model year rolls out it can be tempting to head to the dealership and sign for a new car. But now might not be the best time. So when is a good time to buy a car? It’s different for everyone. Here are a few questions to see if it’s the right …Continue Reading

Cut your Impulse Spending With These Four Simple Tricks

What is impulse buying? For me it’s when you run into Target for salsa and walk out with a new notepad, book, or clothing that I just had to have. For you, maybe it’s that random Amazon Daily Deal that you totally needed. Whatever your impulse spending culprit may be, here are a few tricks …Continue Reading

A Wedding Guest’s Guide to Not Going Broke

Spring is the official start of wedding season. Buying a gift, finding an outfit, and traveling to the wedding can start to add up quickly. The Michigan average cash gift is $104 and the national average is $160, according to wedding-registry website Tendr, based on data from the 2016 wedding season. We’ve got some tricks …Continue Reading

How to Recover After a Financial Setback

  We’ve all been there. Financial disasters happen. You may have lost your job, gotten into an accident, or a number of other things. Disasters take a toll on your finances and your well-being. It might take some time but it is possible to rebound and get back on track. Take a Deep Breath – …Continue Reading

Money Saving Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

Congrats, you just got a new house or apartment. It’s an exciting time but if you’re like me, you’ve spent most of your money on that security deposit or down payment. Now, you have to find a way to furnish your new pad without breaking the bank. As a recent college graduate, I’ve been there …Continue Reading

Get Your 2017 Finances in Shape

The start of a new year is an ideal time to start thinking about what you’d like to accomplish during the next 12 months. Maybe you want to start eating more vegetables and hitting the gym to improve your well-being. While this is a great resolution, think about your financial health too! Consider what financial …Continue Reading

4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

It’s always a good time to evaluate your financial situation, but the mood may strike as you’re cleaning out closets and packing away winter boots and coats for warmer weather. Sitting down and going over your spending, saving, and investment habits might not sound like the ideal activity when you’re itching to go outside, but …Continue Reading

Should You Combine Finances?

Keeping Your Balance is a blog brought to you by Michigan First Credit Union and The Oakland Press. If you’re getting ready take that all-important walk down the aisle, you’re probably elbow deep in reception venues, fabric swatches, flowers and dinner menus. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning. It’s …Continue Reading

Breaking Up Is Hard … On Your Wallet, Too!

by Chala Hannon, Michigan First team member Chala wanted to share her story with us! Although she’s a team member here, she was a member first — so she has a unique perspective that we thought would be valuable to our readers! Breakups are hard! And you know what makes them especially difficult? When they …Continue Reading