Buying A Car: New or Used?

  Buying a car can be stressful and even a bit overwhelming. Before you even start to look for some new wheels, though, you need to make a decision: new or used? Here are some things to consider when making your decision. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A NEW CAR Customization. You can pretty much get whatever you …Continue Reading

Extra Layer of Mobile Banking Security Coming Feb. 14

Your security is important to us.  To help keep your online banking as secure as possible, on February 14, the security questions will be replaced with a security code, two-step authentication. With today’s social networking and information that is shared on these channels, security questions are not as secure as they used to be. How …Continue Reading

4 Things to Do Before Having a Baby

Arguably, the single biggest way you can change your life is by having a kid.  While you’re expecting, you’ll receive an endless barrage of advice.. “Eat grapes, you’ll have a girl.” “Soak your feet with olive oil and honey, or else you WILL get diabetes.” “Don’t go waterskiing in your ninth month.” And while the most …Continue Reading

Gratiot Cruise Social Media Contest 2016

Our Gratiot Financial Store is taking part in Eastpointe Cruisin’ Gratiot (sometimes referred to as the Gratiot Cruise) on Saturday, June 18. The branch will be closed, but NASCAR champions Roush Fenway Racing will have their cars conveniently located in our parking lot and we’ll also have food vendors on the premises. You can also enter …Continue Reading

3 Things to Know About Mortgage Insurance

What is mortgage insurance and how does it work? Mortgage insurance is designed to lower the risk to the lender. With mortgage insurance, you may qualify for a loan you might not be able to get otherwise. It’s primarily for home buyers making a down payment of 20% or less. While it does increase the cost …Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Join Michigan First Credit Union

Maybe it’s the time spent trying to resolve an ATM card issue. Or pressing five different buttons before you speak to a live representative … only to find out the person’s in a call center 5,000 miles away. Or being charged a fee just for having an account. Whatever the reason is for your bank …Continue Reading

Get a New Car Without Couples Therapy

by Janelle Witting A new car is a big deal. Whether you’re buying new or used, a giant chunk of change is up for negotiation.  What if you have to consult with someone else when you get a new car? What happens when you and your spouse disagree on which car the family should own? According …Continue Reading

4 Ways to Make a Career Change Easier

It may have been an “a-ha” moment – working on a project you hated, realizing your boss was never going to promote you, or someone telling you you’re wasting your talents at a thankless job. Or maybe your career dissatisfaction has been creeping up on you for years, and you’ve been too complacent to make …Continue Reading

6 Tips for Budget Friendly Travel

by Janelle Witting This time of year can seem endless – that bleak stretch of winter between New Years and St. Patrick’s Day, where the weather is cold and gray and festivities few. If you’re feeling the travel itch, give yourself something to look forward to and start planning this year’s travel now! This way, …Continue Reading

5 FAQs About EMV Cards

Recently, the U.S. introduced a new standard for credit and debit cards – EMV (Europay, MasterCard, VISA). EMV cards are equipped with computer chips designed to authenticate transactions, much like the old magnetic stripe cards. Europe has used EMV for years, but the U.S. is just jumping on the wagon. We’ve got some frequently asked …Continue Reading