5 Ways to Find the Perfect College Internship

by Abby Meirndorf, Marketing When you apply for a job after college, employers are going to look at your resume to see if you have any relevant experience. Internships are a great way to grow your skills and show potential employers what you can do. Getting hands-on experience and enhancing your knowledge/skill sets in your …Continue Reading

It’s Never Too Early to Save For College

by Abby Meirndorf, Marketing Parents want the best for their children. Most want their kids to have more opportunities and less financial stress than they had to struggle through. Going to college is one pathway to a better life, but college is not cheap, and costs are continuing to rise. One way to reduce the …Continue Reading

4 Post-College Money Struggles

by Abby Meirndorf, Marketing College. It’s the best four years of your life. Everyone warns you, “Enjoy it while it lasts because it flies by.” I should have taken them seriously. College allowed me to be on my own for four years, and the last thing I wanted to do was move back in with …Continue Reading

4 Things to Do Before Having a Baby

Arguably, the single biggest way you can change your life is by having a kid.  While you’re expecting, you’ll receive an endless barrage of advice.. “Eat grapes, you’ll have a girl.” “Soak your feet with olive oil and honey, or else you WILL get diabetes.” “Don’t go waterskiing in your ninth month.” And while the most …Continue Reading

Big Decisions: Cohabitation Before Marriage

by Janelle Witting This isn’t 1950. Unmarried couples live together all the time. Though in some cultures it’s still taboo, in mainstream America, couples cohabitating is usually no big deal. But wait a minute – it IS a big deal. Living with a significant other is a huge step in a relationship. The decision brings up …Continue Reading

3 Ways to Save for Your Child’s Education

With the ever-rising cost of college tuition in the United States, many parents begin worrying about how to pay for their child’s education immediately after birth – and sometimes, well before that! Opening a savings account in your child’s name might seem like a good idea, but a large amount of cash in the student’s …Continue Reading

The Basics of Student Loans

by Austin Chapman, 2012-2013 Young & Free Michigan Spokester If you’ve already got the money (or your parents are giving it to you) to pay your way through school, that’s awesome, congratulations! If not, you’ll need to get that money from somewhere and the most likely way to do this is by taking out a loan. Before …Continue Reading