Housewarming Gifts to Make it Feel Like Home

Moving is stressful and expensive, shopping for a housewarming gift shouldn’t be. Think of housewarming gifts as something small that the host wouldn’t get themselves. This can be a nice bottle of wine or flowers, but if you want something more unique and memorable, we have some budget-friendly ideas for you.

Dog Themed Address Stamp

Personalized Stationery or Address Stamp

Save your hosts time by gifting them a custom address stamp featuring their new address. The stamp can feature their pet or something the host enjoys. Due to the custom nature, these tend to take a few weeks to create and ship, but are well-worth the wait. Add personalized or unique stationery and fancy pens for an added touch. Check out our favorite custom stamp shop here.

Home Sweet Home Doormat

Unique Doormat

Doormats are the first impression of a home. What better way to help your friend warm up their new house than with a unique doormat that matches their style? Bonus, because they will think of how thoughtful you are every time they come home.

Cheese Board

Cheese Board

Nothing quite says party like a good charcuterie spread. Cheese boards look fancy but are often only priced around $20. Cheese boards are the perfect addition to every kitchen, but not something that the host typically thinks to purchase for themselves. If it’s a housewarming party, be sure to bring some cheese and crackers to impress all the guests.

Smart Speaker

Echo Dot or Google Home Mini

If you want more of a techy gift, an Echo Dot or Google Home Mini could be the perfect solution. These smart speakers will provide the host with a hands free voice assistant to help around the house.

Board Game Pieces

Board Game

Every house needs a set of really good board games, why not start their collection strong with your favorite? You could choose a nostalgic board game sure to ignite memories or select a new one that you can play together.

Michigan Based Foods

Local Food Basket

Is your host new to town? The perfect way to welcome them is with a basket of food local to the area. You can never go wrong with a Michigan-themed basket featuring Faygo and Better Made chips.

Whether your friend is moving into a new house or an apartment, these gifts are the perfect way to make it feel like home. What is your go-to housewarming gift?

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