5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy an RV

Does the warm weather make you want to take off into the sunset on an adventure? You’re not alone. Blue skies and blue lakes make Michigan an ideal place for outdoor activities. Before you buy an RV to embark on your journey, here are some things to consider to make sure you get the absolute best deal.

What type of camping or traveling am I doing?

If you’re more of a “weekend warrior”, a smaller, more efficient pop-up camper might be the perfect fit. If you plan on taking off for weeks (or maybe months!) at a time, you might want to consider something with more amenities and storage.

How mobile do I want to be?

Do you want an all-in-one model that you drive, meaning that you’ll need to tow a car if you plan to explore? Maybe a fifth-wheel model, the type you can tow and park, would fit your style. Also consider whether you have the appropriate vehicle to tow your RV with, if applicable.

Where can I store it?

Some neighborhoods or condo associations won’t let you park an RV above a certain size on your property, so you may be looking into paying for storage.

What amenities do I need?

If you’re a campfire-food person, you may not need something with a full kitchen. And if you frequent state parks with public bathrooms, a bathroom might not be necessary, either. Decide whether you need perks like a stove, bathroom, multiple sleeping areas, etc.

What can I do without?

The one thing all of these units have in common is that they cost money! When determining your budget, see what you can do without. If you go to the wilderness for a rustic, outdoorsy getaway, you may want to forgo things like Wi-Fi and cable TV hookup. However, for those who use an RV as a “mobile hotel” to travel the country, these things might be more important.

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