Your Library Card Can Save You Hundreds

Your local library is so much more than books on shelves. It could even be your ticket to saving money every month, without having to sacrifice things that you enjoy. Your library card can give you access to amazing subscriptions and resources that could would cost you hundreds of dollars otherwise.

Here are some unknown library resources that can save you money.

Audiobooks (Audible – $14.95/month) and eBooks (Kindle Unlimited – $9.99/month)

Libraries have catalogs full of ebooks and audiobooks that you can check out for free. Most libraries are part of the OverDrive network and allows you to download books from the comfort of your own home. If digital downloads aren’t your thing, most public libraries carry large collections of audiobooks on CD.

Magazines ($1-5/month)

Don’t pay for pricey magazine subscriptions before checking the library archives. Most likely you’re only going to read the magazine once then throw it away, why not go check it out for free instead?

Movie Rentals ($1-15/per movie)

Can’t find the movie that you want on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon streaming? Instead of heading to a RedBox or renting it online, head to your local library and check it out for free.

Language Software (Rosetta Stone – $99/3 months)

Learning a language can get expensive! Your library wants to help! Most libraries partner with Mango Languages which gives you access to 70 languages for free.


If your high school or college class requires you to buy a book, especially if it is an older textbook or book for a literature class, your school library may have a copy or two. They might even be able to borrow it from another library!

Not all the resources offered by each library are the same, be sure to check out your library’s website for everything that they offer.  With these combined, your library card can save you up to $800 a year!

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  1. Rachel Quinn

    These are great tips. So many people forget about the library or don’t know what other benefits they offer.