How to Have a Successful No-Spend Weekend

48-hours without spending a penny, you may have to get creative but it can be done. A great way to save some money and get your budget back in shape is a no-spend weekend. Spending on the weekends can add up quickly from dining out, to movie trips or kid’s activities.

Getting Prepared:

The key to a successful no-spend weekend is being prepared. To do this you will need to make sure you have gas or a transportation pass, groceries at home and any necessary bills paid. This challenge is meant to help cut down your extra “fun” spending. 

Some Things to Do:
  • Only Cook with What You Have – How many of you are guilty of finding a new recipe and having to run to the store just for one or two ingredients? On your no-spend weekend, remove that temptation and only look for recipes with food that you have in the house. Websites like SuperCook allow you to filter through recipes based on the items you already have in your kitchen. Time to use that week-old bread!   
  • Go to the Library – You tell yourself you should read more books; well here is your chance! The local library offers so much more than books, making it a perfect indoor afternoon adventure.
  • Explore nature – We live in Michigan, there are parks and walking trails everywhere you turn. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend with a walk through nature. For additional fun, make it a scavenger hunt!
  • Clean, Really Clean – When was the last time you went through your closet or cleaned your kitchen floor? Here is your chance, and it won’t cost you a thing!
  • Invite Friends or Family – You don’t have to isolate yourself from all of society during this challenge. Play a board game, cards or watch a movie together. Not all social gatherings have to cost a fortune.
  • Tour a Museum – Did you know the Detroit Institute of Arts has free admission if you live in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb county? If you’re on the west side of the state, the Grand Rapids Art Museum offers free admission on certain special days.

What are your favorite cost-free activities? We want to know!

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