Giving Back to the Community Without Spending Money

Do you want to be philanthropic without pulling out your checkbook to write a donation check? There are plenty of ways to give back to your community without sacrificing your budget.


Many people are turned off by the idea of volunteering because they think it is a big time commitment. However, many opportunities are offered in small increments, often by the hour. Some companies even pay for their employees to spend the day volunteering with local organizations. What better way to get out of the office? Volunteering is great because you see first-hand how your efforts are impacting your community. Plan ahead and crave out a few hours to give back, you might even make a few friends while you are at it. Check out opportunities in your area by visiting

Changing Your Lifestyle

Perhaps giving your time isn’t the best option for your lifestyle. There are things you can do in your home that help, too! Like collecting your food scraps to give to your community garden’s compost pile or collecting pop tabs to donate to local fundraisers. A really easy way you can be a good samaritan is by using your social media accounts. Make sure to follow organizations with the same passions as you, and share their posts to your page when they need extra help or are looking for donations. Supporting from afar is still valuable!

Give Your Rewards to Your Favorite Organization

Do you have a rewards credit card? Some have the option to donate your accrued points to your favorite organizations! For example, the Fischer House will collect your airline rewards miles to help bring family members to the bedside of injured service members. They will also use hotel rewards points so the families can stay close to their loved ones.

Another way your purchases can help others is with Amazon Smile. Appearing identical to your normal Amazon browser, using Amazon Smile to make your purchases gives .05% of your total to the charity of your choice.

Giving back doesn’t just have to be monetarily. There are plenty of ways to show support and be involved with organizations that your values align with. If you have an organization in mind, but aren’t sure how you can support them, simply reach out to learn about your options.

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