Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Tips

What if I told you that it’s possible to make a Thanksgiving dinner for 8 people for $80? You’d tell me I was crazy and you will not replace a lush Thanksgiving spread with delivery pizza! And trust me, I feel you. I don’t know why people need to mess with such a glorious holiday – I’ll get Chinese next weekend, please just let me eat turkey and potatoes and snooze while most of my relatives are shouting at some sports game on TV.

But you really can feed 8 people, with turkey, stuffing, rolls, and the whole nine yards, for $80. Add another $20 and you can make your guests’ potato dreams and cranberry sauce wishes come true. The nice folks over at Epicurious demonstrate how, showcasing recipes for butternut squash soup, roast turkey, herbed bread stuffing, brussels sprout hash, rolls and pecan pumpkin pie with a wicked awesome cost breakdown. Here are some other tips offered in the same article:

Choose Seasonal Foods

Produce that is in season will cost much less and taste much better.

Buy a Turkey from the Supermarket

Heritage turkeys are wonderful, but pricey. Expect to pay $140 for a 14-lb bird. But a supermarket bird, prepared correctly, can be a delicious and cost-effective alternative at right around $2 per pound.

Cook from Scratch

Making your own pie crust and gravy can cut costs, and bake your own simple bread rolls to avoid spending $8 on a loaf of bread from the bakery.

Frozen & Canned Food Can be Your Friends

Canned pumpkin is a lifesaver and less watery than the fresh alternatives, and frozen vegetables can work miracles for recipes that call for out-of-season produce.

Many more tips (and delicious recipes!) can be found at Epicurious. If you have some advice of your own, leave it here!

By Janelle O’Hara

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