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When it comes to creating a will, living trust, or other legal plans, we understand why people delay. Let us help keep your family out of a crisis.

What is it?

Our partners at Planning for Your Future are experienced attorneys that can provide you with services to greatly reduce the crisis your family may experience when an unexpected death or illness occurs. Our members receive a 10% discount.

wills Wills
Make sure your wishes are in writing, and appoint someone you trust to distribute your assets.
trusts Trusts
Transfer assets to yourself or others.
living-wills Living Wills
Determine who will make medical and financial decisions if you’re unable.
advanced Advanced Directives
Designate power of attorney, make your organ donation wishes known, and more.
deeds Deeds, probate, and more
Transfer title of property, administer your estate, and more.
Service Regular Price With Member Discount
Simple Will Package (includes a Will, Power of Attorney & Patient Advocate) $450 $405
Will Package (includes a Will with Testamentary Trust for Minor, Adults or Grandchildren, Power of Attorney and Patient Advocate) $550 $495
Complex Will Package $550 + $150/hour $495 + $135.00/hour
Simple Will $300 $270
Will with Testamentary Trust Only $400 $360
Financial POA $75 $67.50
Medical POA $75 $67.50
Parental POA $75 $67.50
Real Estate POA $75 $67.50
Deed with Property Transfer Affidavit & Instruction Letter $75 $67.50
Simple Trust Package $1,000 $900
Complex Trust Package TBD TBD
Trust Amendments $150/hour $135/hour
Probate Court Appearances (Guardianship, Conservatorship, Contested Wills or Contested Trusts) $150/hour $135/hour
Prenuptial Agreements $150/hour $135/hour
Advice Only with no Document Preparation (First half hour no charge) $150/hour $135/hour

How can I get it?

Contact our partners at Planning for Your Future. Call them at 248.497.6901.

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