After saving MoneyPerks® points, members can choose how to redeem them. Here’s a breakdown:


+.25% bump 7,500 per CD
+.50% bump 10,000 per CD
-.25% 7,500 per loan
-.50% 10,000 per loan
-.75% 15,000 per loan
Account history (at branch) 1,000
Account/loan number change (member’s request) (lost/stolen) 6,000
Card replacement (ATM/Debit/Credit) (lost/stolen) 3,000
Cash withdrawal (service center) 900
Check copy 1,000
Purchase checks (one standard box) 3,000
Credit card overnight delivery fee 6,000
Extension agreement 5,000
ID Safe Choice 5,000
Minimum balance fee 800
MoneyNow® (ATM/Teller) 3,800
MoneyNow® (Debit/ACH/Check) 2,500
Money order 800
Non CO-OP ATM fee 700
Non-sufficient funds (overdraft or loan payment) 4,000
Official check 800
Official check copy 1,000
Official check stop payment 4,000
Overdraft transfer from savings 900
Personalized card (when available) 2,000
PIN re-order 500
Return ACH 4,000
Safe deposit box 3×5 (annual fee) 5,000
Safe deposit box 3×10 (annual fee) 7,000
Safe deposit box 5×10 (annual fee) 12,000
Safe deposit box 10×10 (annual fee) 17,000
Sales draft copy 1,000
Statement copy 1,200
Stop payment 4,000
Skip-A-Pay (most eligible loans) 5,000
Skip-A-Pay (home equity loans) 7,000
Telephone transfer within account 250
Undeliverable/returned mail 1,000
Wire transfer – outgoing (domestic) 3,000
Wire transfer – outgoing (international) 6,000
MoneyPerks® Points redemption values effective as of 3/30/2020
*Rate discounts cannot be applied to mortgages, overdraft loans, lines-of-credit, home equity lines-of-credit or credit cards, and cannot be combined with other offers. Maximum loan rate discount is 0.75% (new loans only). Maximum CD yield bump is 0.50% (new CDs only). Subject to credit approval. Cannot redeem points for late fees. Must be a member in good standing to redeem. For details, please contact the Credit Union. Michigan First Credit Union reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time. MoneyPerks points have no direct cash value. Fees and points are subject to change.