Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

Have extra cash you don’t plan on spending for a while? Put it into one of our CDs and earn extra money. It’s a great way to increase your savings without risk of losing your hard earned money on the stock market. See current rates.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Your job might offer a sweet 401k, but that doesn’t mean your future is set. With pensions all but evaporated, you need to stockpile extra cash to retire comfortably.

That’s where our Traditional, Roth and Coverdell Education IRA CDs and variable savings account come in. We can hook you up with IRA accounts that provide tax advantages compared to other investment options* and set you up nicely to have fun and not worry about your retirement.

So why get an IRA with us vs. someone else?

  • Roll money into other IRAs without penalties
  • You’re part owner of the credit union, which means lower fees than starting an IRA directly with a mutual fund or a brokerage firm
  • You can make life simpler and keep all of your finances under one roof

See Current Variable IRA Rates

In addition to the CDs and IRA accounts Michigan First provides, we also offer investment options through Michigan First Wealth Management Group that can help you save for retirement, your children’s college tuition and more. Learn more.

*Consult a tax advisor for details