Overdraft Protection

Bouncing a check at the grocery store or having your card declined is super embarrassing, but it can happen to the best of us. We provide a few options to protect yourself from the stress of overdrawing your checking account.

  • Savings Transfer – have your checking account covered by a transfer from your savings account
  • Line of Credit – apply for a line of credit to cover overdrafts


MoneyNow is a special overdraft option for Premier Checking accounts that provides you with a safety net of up to $500 when you overdraw your account.

  • Fewer fees – Protects you from expensive merchant fees if you overdraw your checking account
  • Protect your credit – Prevents non-sufficient fund blemishes from hurting your credit rating
  • Avoid embarrassment – Never worry about returned checks
  • Effortless – MoneyNow is automatic and requires you to do nothing
MoneyNow Opt-In/Reinstatement Form

MoneyNow Opt-Out Form