The Perks of Working in College

College is busy for everyone, especially if you’re a student worker. Even though your schedule will be full, there are perks to working and going to school. Here’s a few:

You Learn Time Management

I took 15-18 credits every semester, was involved on campus, and worked 20+ hours a week. I could not have survived my work-life-school schedule without time management. Invest in a planner or use a calendar app on your phone. I promise it won’t kill you, you might even like it.

Working forced me to be places at certain times. It trained me to wake up on time and be truthful to myself about my responsibilities. Once I started working, I didn’t see the point of skipping a 50 minute class if I had to be at work right after or vice versa.

You Learn Money Management

There isn’t a class to teach you everything you could ever need to know about your finances. Having a job (and reading great blogs like this one) will help you build knowledge foundation. College jobs will help you become familiar with tax forms, pay schedules and paycheck deductions.

You Build Your Resume

The ultimate reason why I went to college is to get a job that I enjoyed. Well, I’m here to tell you the job market is still really competitive, especially for entry level positions. There will be so many others with your exact degree so you have to take time to learn what makes you stand out. Having jobs in college, even if they don’t totally relate to your field will help you do that.

You Acclimate To Your Work Environment

I’m lucky, I knew what I wanted to do before I graduated high school and stuck to it. I knew I wanted to write and be in an office, so it took time but I found jobs working in the places that I wanted to work in the future. Learning the ins and outs of a work place can take time so if you can do it before you even graduate it makes you a much stronger candidate.

The Networking

Stop rolling your eyes. Trust me, two years ago I was you. Honestly, I didn’t know how to network and I didn’t realize that working allowed me to network without even realizing I was doing it. Working a different place than you attend classes will allow you to meet new people and expand that social circle.

Even if you’re just working with other students, don’t write it off. One of those students might just be able to help you secure a job one day soon.

Connect to Campus or Your City

Finding an on-campus job will help you form a unique connection to your college campus that you wouldn’t be able to form just by taking classes. If your college is in or near a city that you would love to live in post-graduation, now is the time to connect with it and make your mark.

Professionals are so willing to sit down with a student for lunch and help you in anyway that they can, so take advantage of that. What are you waiting for? The worst they can say is no!

By Rachel Quinn

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