Becoming a Student Worker

Ah yes college. The best four years of your life. You want to enjoy every second of it, so why would a crazy person, me, tell you to spend some time at college working? The benefits outweigh the cons.

When you go to college you should fully commit to your education, but working during college does not take away from it, it actually improves your commitment. So as of 2015, why are only 43% of full-time undergraduate students working part time, according to the National Center for Education Statistics?

When I saw my student debt increasing, I decided that I would sacrifice my schedule to make some money.

Student Loans Can Haunt you for Decades

If you aren’t a little uncomfortable of taking out student loans, you should be. Two words – compounding interest. In case of your 401ks, compounding interest is great but in the case of your student loans, not so much. Most student loans compound interest daily meaning that every day interest is added to your account balance. The next day when the interested is calculated, your previous earned interest is included in that. Want to learn more about how student loan interest is calculated? Check out

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take out loans. You should however, take time to learn the basics about your loans before you sign. That way you know exactly how and when you’re going to have to start paying them back. You should also be mindful of what you’re using your loans for. Want to learn more about all of your government and private loan options, check them out at

Working your way through college will not make you a social leper or cause you to fail out of school. Not sure where to start? Try contacting your school’s career services are advising department. They can help you start the search for a part-time job and will understand your potential hesitations.

By Rachel Quinn

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