5 Tips to Standout After a Job Interview

Is it possible to increase your likelihood of landing a job after an interview? Often time’s job seekers don’t think standing out to hiring managers requires effort after the interview. You had a great interview, but attempts to land your dream job shouldn’t end there.

Your communication with the company after the interview can sometimes get you chosen over other candidates — so keep putting in work! It’ll be worth it in the end.

Here are some things you should do once you complete an interview, to nail the job, and leave a lasting impression.

Reflect on the Interview

Immediately after the interview write-up a summary of the questions you were asked and how you answered them. This will give you something to reference if there is a follow-up interview.

During the follow-up interview, it will allow you to note things you wish you said in the first interview and add further detail to the things you previously discussed. This will ensure your follow-up interview goes even better than the first!

Sometimes hiring managers have a difficult time deciding on a candidate, so it’s better to be prepared for a second interview even if they suggest there will only be one.

Send a Brief and Thoughtful Follow-Up Email

Now that you have your notes, send a quick email to the people you spent the most time with during your interview (its okay to send one to the whole group). Aim to complete this by the end of the day. It’ll show your eagerness and excitement for the job!

Use this as a time to say something that separates you from other candidates. Some things you could include are; a link to something you discussed, an example from your portfolio that is relevant or ask a follow-up question. Be sure to keep it short!

Send a Thank You Note

Within 24-hours, send a thank you note to express your desire for the position and gratitude for the opportunity. This is another chance to set yourself apart. Be sure to personalize one for each of the people you met during your visit.

It is crucial that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your note. Proofread it carefully! If you are sending a handwritten note, make sure you have neat and legible handwriting.

Tip: Have a thank you card or email already drafted. Once your interview is complete add a personal touch and — send it before you get back home!

Follow the Next Steps They Give You

Often times, an interviewer will mention the next steps in the hiring process (if not, you should ask before your interview is complete). It is important to follow the guidelines they present. If they say we’ll reach out within two weeks — give two weeks before reaching out. If you don’t hear from them after two weeks then follow-up.

If you Can, Ask for Feedback

Maybe you didn’t end up getting the job — but it wouldn’t hurt to know why not! Tell them you would like to learn from the experience and that feedback would be appreciated. It’ll once again leave a favorable impression in their eyes. They may even recruit you for another position with a better fit!

The job hunt isn’t easy and landing an interview is only the first step. Ensuring you leave a favorable impression in an employer’s eyes shows your eagerness and dedication to the company before even getting the job.

Did any of these tips work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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    Thanks for some excellent tips for after the job interview. It is really eye opening and logical tips for who is looking for job. Thanks again.