Interview Tips from the Experts

Are you applying for a job? Have an interview coming up? We sat down the Human Resources experts at Michigan First for their top five interview and resume tips. Here’s what they had to say:

Pay Attention to Verbiage

Make sure your resume matches the verbiage in the job description. Many recruiters use digital platforms to find talent. If the key words in your resume don’t match that of the job description, your profile may be harder to find.

Review, Review, Review

A resume is your one chance to make an impression. Pay critical attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling. Review, review and review again. If you don’t put in the effort to perfect your resume, you’re showing your employer your work ethic for the position at hand.

Preparation is Key

Bring any examples or documentation of your work that is relevant to the job. Even if it isn’t requested, be prepared. If you have a portfolio, now is the time to showcase it. Also, don’t be afraid to bring extra copies of your resume in case others choose to sit in on the interview. Lastly, do your research. Find any and all information you can about the company. If you ask simple questions about the company in your interview that could have been found online, your credibility may decrease in the interviewer’s eyes. You can never be too prepared.

The One Page Rule is Obsolete

Unless you are just out of high school or starting out in the professional world with little experience, use however many pages you need to showcase your relevant experience and unique attributes.

Thank You Letters?

Always send a thank you letter (yes – a handwritten letter) after an interview, whether the interview was in person or not. If you only have a couple days or less before a decision is made, sending an email is acceptable. This shows your interest in the position. Make it personal. Include the names of the individuals that interviewed you. After each interview, sit down with a pen and paper to gather your thoughts and write down everything you’d like to include while it’s fresh in your mind. If it comes down to you and another candidate for the position at hand, a thank you letter can seal the deal!

What are your interview prep tips? Happy job hunting and good luck!

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