6 Traits Every Boss Loves

Even though the economy is bouncing back, the job market is still tough. Learning to change and adapt you skill set is more important now than ever before – but it’s not always about your training or experience. Sometimes, leaders are looking for more generalized traits: are you dependable? Can you work well under a deadline? Do you tell the truth?

WiseBread compiled a list of the six traits bosses value the most in an employee. You’ll be surprised that it’s not always about education or experience.

Good Communication Skills

Even if you’re a lab rat who never writes anything beyond the occasional email, every professional needs to know how to communicate clearly and effectively. No matter what your role is, you’re a representative of the company you work for. Knowing how to speak and write clearly is essential.


Things change. That’s life. If you can change your process, outlook, and motivations along with the company, your paycheck might change as well. Leaders want a worker who won’t stubbornly argue for the “old days” constantly. Being a team player who is up for learning new things is always an asset.


Really, this is a no-brainer – but your boss doesn’t want to have to worry about his or her employees telling the truth. Leaders need employees that follow rules and policies and express concerns and misgivings openly (albeit politely and professionally.)

Hard Work

This sounds like a resume cliché, but it’s really not – your boss wants someone who does what is expected, but also takes initiative where appropriate to go above and beyond. No boss should want or expect you to take on more than you can handle, nor should you be expected to work overtime without getting paid. However, volunteering to coordinate a work fundraiser or helping other teammates with projects when you have time will not go unnoticed.


Punctuality doesn’t mean just showing up on time – it means delivering promises on time. Your boss can’t count on you if you say you’ll deliver a project on Thursday but it shows up the following Monday. Being up front about time constraints and unavoidable situations is one thing – making excuses is quite another.


Your leader is “the” leader for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the opportunity to be in charge. Being the team motivator, keeping people on task, and lending a voice of reason in an otherwise off-the-wall meeting demonstrate leadership. Being organized, dependable, and confident can’t hurt, either.

Are you a leader? If you are, what traits are non-negotiable in your employees? Which seem to be the most difficult to find? Leave your advice here!

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