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Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

Can I access the amount available on my Certificate of Deposit without penalties?

Sorry, but the money has to stay put. Funds show as available on a certificate when the balance is greater than the $1,000 ($50,000 Jumbo) minimum balance required. This may be due to the original deposit amount or dividend payments to the certificate above the minimum balance required. All funds on deposit in a certificate account are held for the term of the certificate and any subsequent renewal dates.

There is a 90 day interest penalty for an early withdrawal from a Certificate of Deposit. The penalty is calculated on the entire certificate balance, not the portion that is withdrawn. When the certificate matures, there is a 10-calendar day grace period. You may add or withdraw from your certificates during this grace period; no penalty is charged on withdrawals during this 10-day period. This grace period is counted as 10 calendar days not business days.

How do I open a certificate?

You may open a certificate with a cash deposit or transfers from one of your Michigan First accounts. Stop by one of our branches or give us a call at 800.664.3828 and we’ll get you squared away.

Direct Deposit

What is the credit union’s routing and transit number?


First Gear

Can anyone be a joint owner on a First Gear account?

For the most part, yes. If they are a minor, then they can’t be a joint owner or if they have a poor checking account reputation at other banks or credit unions they might not be able to be a joint account owner. By poor checking account reputation we mean if they have any fraud reported on them or if they have overdue overdrafts that they owe another bank or credit union. This would be reported on something called ChexSystems.

Can I open only a First Gear Savings account?

It’s kind of a package deal, you don’t want First Gear checking account to feel left out do you?

Do I earn double MoneyPerks points on all transactions?

Double points are applicable to e-statements and direct deposit usage only, not to deposit interest and loan interest.

How do I qualify for a First Gear account?

If you are 18 - 25 years old; are currently a member; or you live, work or worship in the state of Michigan, then you’re good to go!

How do I request an OOPS Forgiveness?

Log in to online banking and under the Account Summary tab, select “Oops Request”. You can also call 800.664.3828 or visit any branch.

How often can I use OOPS Forgiveness?

You can use OOPS Forgiveness 90 days after opening your account. After that you can receive one OOPS refund every six months.

I am an existing member and want to have my account converted to a First Gear account, will I have to pay to get a new First Gear Debit card?

Nope, this is part of the account and you’ll get a new First Gear debit card when you switch it over for free. Stop by to see us and convert to the First Gear account and walk out with your new debit card that day!

I am turning 26 soon; will I be able to keep my First Gear account?

You thought milestones would end when you turned 25 when you could finally rent a car? We thought we’d give you another one, at 26 you’ll upgrade to Premiere Checking automatically!

I have a ChexSystems record, can I have a First Gear account?

If you don’t have any fraud reported on you and you have paid any overdue overdrafts to other banks or credit unions you should qualify for First Gear.  If you haven’t paid for overdue overdrafts that you have somewhere else then you might have to start with our Classic Checking account. Then in six months apply to upgrade to our First Gear account.

I want to open a First Gear Checking account and I want to have someone else on the account, do they have to be with me when I open the account?

Yes please!

Is there a minimum balance required for First Gear accounts?

Technically no, but all members need to keep at least $10 per account holder in the account as their share of the credit union. This is what makes you an owner and gives you voting rights. Watch this video to learn a little more about what that mean.

I’m 17, Can I get a First Gear account?

Yes, we would love to have you as a First Gear account holder! Though, there will be some limitations to the benefits mentioned in the last question until you turn 18.

Once you’re 18 and your account has been opened for at least three months, you’ll automatically have Oops forgiveness added to your account benefits. As soon as your account is open you will earn Money Perks points on e-statements and direct deposit only.  Plus, you can get the 1% auto loan rate discount at 17 as long as you have a co-signer.

What features do I get with my First Gear account?

You get the whole kit and caboodle. All of the benefits are listed on our Checking Accounts page.

What is OOPS Forgiveness?

Sometimes you have slip-ups, it happens. First Gear account holders can waive one overdraft fee every six months. Each OOPS NSF Fee forgiveness must be requested by you and is not automatic. OOPS overdraft forgiveness begins 90 days after you open an account.

What loans qualify for the 1% loan rate reduction?

Only auto loans are qualified for the First Gear 1% loan rate reduction. The loan rate discount only applies to a loan that you apply for while you are a First Gear member.

Will I receive a reminder when my account is going to be converted?

We like to keep you in the know, so we’ll remind you 45 days before your account converts to Premiere Checking. 

General Information

Am I going to receive a 1099-INT?

Michigan First sends out 1099-INT forms with your December statement provided an account has earned at least $10.00 in interest income. If you receive e-statements, you can download your 1099-INT from online banking or our mobile app.

Can I cash Savings Bonds at the credit union?

Yes. Present the Savings Bonds you would like to redeem, along with your account number and current identification, to the Teller who will calculate the current value. Bonds will need to be signed in the presence of the teller and your Social Security number will need to be listed on the back if it is not printed on the face of the bond.

Can I purchase Savings Bonds at the credit union?

No.Both EE and I Bond applications are available online at www.savingsbonds.gov

Do you offer foreign currency?

We do not keep foreign currency at our branches, but we partnered with Foreign Currency Exchange in Birmingham, MI. Visit their store and mention you’re a member of Michigan First for a great deal on foreign currency.  More details here.

How do I change my name on my account?

If you have had your name changed for any reason, you will need to bring in the legal documents as proof to one of our branch locations.

If you have recently married you may bring in your marriage license along with your drivers’ license for the name change.

How do I change the address on my account?

We must have written authorization from you to process any changes on your account. You may complete an address change form in person at one of branches. If you can’t make it to a branch, download the change of address form, sign it and mail it to us at 27000 Evergreen Road. Lathrup Village, MI 48076 or fax it to: 248.443.4280.

How do I close an account for a deceased family member?

If the account had joint ownership, the joint owner may assume the account by presenting an original death certificate for the decedent and updating the account records. New joint members or beneficiaries may be listed on the account at this time. If the account was an individual account and beneficiaries were listed to receive the funds upon death of the owner, checks will be made payable to each beneficiary of the account as designated. If more than one beneficiary is listed on the account, all must be present to receive their equal portion of the account. In the event that the account was an individual account with no beneficiaries listed, legal documents must be presented stating who the Conservator/Executor of the Estate is along with an original copy of the death certificate for the deceased. The check will be made payable to the “Estate of” the deceased. Example – The Estate of Chris Johnson.

How do I list my Trust on my account?

To re-title your individual account to the name of your Trust, you will need to present your Trust documents which will be reviewed by a Financial Service Representative. The three items that will be copied will be the title page, the signature page and the banking powers listed in your Trust or an Amendment to your Trust. You will be asked to update your account signature card to process your request.

How do I obtain a copy of a past statement?

You can retrieve a copy of your statements online for free if you register for e-statements in online banking.

If you need to request paper copies of your statements, you may do so in person at any branch location or call us at 800.664.3828 (a fee will apply). These copies may be picked up at one of our branch locations or mailed directly to your home.

How do I remove a joint owner(s) from my account?

If you would like to remove any joint owners(s) from your account, please visit one of our branches  with the individual(s) to be removed. You will be required to complete and sign new documents for the account. Each of you will need to present proper, valid picture identification to the Financial Service Representative that will be servicing you.

How do I transfer funds between my account and an account at another credit union?

You can set up an Account-to-Account Transfer to transfer funds to other financial institution at your request. It remains your responsibility to verify the accuracy and all details of your authorized transfer including but not limited to, the recipient's account number, dollar amount of transfer, and date of transfer. If you are uncertain of the accuracy of any detail of the contemplated transfer or if you are concerned about the disclosure of your account number on the recipient's statement, please do not make the transfer and instead consider another method of delivering the funds. Once you have completed the transfer process, the credit union will accept your authorization as final in all respects.

How do I wire funds to another financial institution?

You will need to complete a Wire Transfer Form. You may fax the completed form to the credit union or drop it off at any branch office. Please make sure to contact your other financial institution for exact wiring instructions. This is important information from the other financial institution (receiving bank) that will ensure proper credit to your account.

What is the cut-off for Wire Transfers to go out the same business day?

Wire transfers to financial institutions within the United States must be received by the accounting team by 4 p.m. Wire transfers to financial institutions outside of the United States must be received in accounting by 3 p.m. to allow for processing time.

What is the process for disputing fraudulent charges on my debit card?

You will need to complete dispute documents for the items in question. Please call us at 800.664.3828 or stop by one of our branches for assistance.

General Loan

Can anyone apply for a loan from Michigan First Credit Union?

If you live in the greatest state ever, Michigan, then yes. 

Can I add to an existing loan?

You can borrow on an existing loan. We normally combine your existing loan with the new amount requested. 

Can I make a payment to my loan with a debit card from another financial institution?

Sure, you can do this type of transaction at any of our branch offices. The minimum cash advance is $75.00 and there is a $3.00 fee.

Can I pay my loans off early?

Yes, kudos to you if you have some extra cash. There are no prepayment penalties on any loans with Michigan First.  

How can I establish credit?

You can apply and receive a savings secured loan for at least $1,000.00 then repay that loan over a six month period. Make the monthly payments on time each month as this is building your credit. 

How can I find out what my credit score is?

You can contact us to figure this out.

How can I quickly make a credit card payment to prevent a late fee?

Payments can be made through online banking or with our mobile app by transferring funds from your savings or checking. Contact us and request that the payment be transferred from your savings or checking account.

How can I set up an automatic loan payment from my account?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

If I make a large lump sum payment to my loan can my future payments be lowered?

Yes, most likely. Contact us to submit a request to lower your payments after the lump sum is applied.

What is the minimum amount I can request for a loan?

The minimum loan amount varies depending on the type of loan you are requesting. Please view our rates for a current listing of requirements, rates, and terms.

What type of loans do you offer?

Mainly awesome and really awesome loans. Our loans cover everything from cars to college tuition ... and everything in between. Examples include:

  • New and Used Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans
  • Home Equity
  • Mortgage
  • Credit Cards
  • Signature Line of Credit
  • Savings Secured Loan
  • Private Student Loans

Apply Online


How do I make a deposit to my Traditional or Roth IRA?

You may make a deposit to your IRA account at any of our branch offices, by mail, or by setting up a direct deposit. If your deposit is being presented to the credit union between Jan 1 and April 15, be sure to indicate what tax year the deposit is to be recorded for.

How much can I contribute to my IRA?

You can annually contribute 100% of your earned income up to the yearly maximum. Please speak with a tax adviser to see if you meet the income guidelines to contribute to your IRA and what the maximum contribution is.

I have recently left my employer and need to rollover my 401(k) into an IRA. Can I roll it over?

Yes. We accept rollovers from 401(k) plans into Traditional IRAs. If you already have a Traditional IRA at Michigan First, you simply need to complete a Traditional IRA Direct Rollover Request Form when you deposit the funds. If you don’t have a Traditional IRA at Michigan First, you need to establish an IRA account at one of our branch offices or give us a call and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

I have some questions regarding IRAs. Can you help me?

Yes. We can provide you with the basic information regarding IRAs. If you have specific questions regarding your personal situation, you will need the advice of a qualified financial planner. Contact our Wealth Management Group at 248.443.4619 and they can make sure you’re taken care of.

What is a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is a type of individual retirement arrangement (IRA) that allows an individual to save money tax-free for retirement. A Roth individual retirement arrangement (Roth IRA) allows tax payers, subject to certain income limits, to save money for use in retirement while allowing the savings to grow tax-free. All of the tax benefits associated with a Roth IRA happen when withdrawals are made; withdrawals, subject to certain rules, are not taxed at all. (This is in sharp contrast to a traditional IRA.) Stated differently, Roth IRAs convert investment income (dividends, interest, capital gains) into tax-free income. There are no tax benefits associated with contributions (no deductions on your federal tax return) because all contributions to a Roth IRA are made with after-tax monies.

What is an IRA?

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a way to save money for retirement. We offer Traditional, Roth or Coverdell IRA plans with a variety of investment options.

If you have specific questions regarding your personal needs, please contact our Wealth Management Group at 248.443.4619.

When can I access the funds in my Roth IRA?

Distributions from a Roth IRA can be taken at any time. In order for withdrawals to be tax-free the Roth IRA must meet both a five-year waiting period and have a qualified reason: be at least 59½ years of age; beneficiary of a deceased IRA participant; using the distribution for a first time home purchase (up to $10,000).


How many do I have?

Your current points balance is shown on your statement and on Online Banking. 

How many points does each service I use earn me?

Check out our MoneyPerks Points chart to find out.

I heard I can earn MoneyPerks points by referring a friend or family member to the credit union, is this true?

Yes! Fill out this referral form and give it to your family member or friend to bring in when they open their account. Once the qualifications listed on the referral form are met, the points will be added to your balance.

What are MoneyPerks points?

MoneyPerks points are a way for us to reward you for doing business with us. You earn them through using our savings, loan and online services. 

What do I use them for?

 A lot of good stuff! You can use them to:

  • Waive certain fees
  • Increase your interest rate earnings on your CD
  • Decrease your interest rate paid on a loan

Overdraft Protection

If I already have a negative balance in my checking account can I still withdraw money and be covered by MoneyNow?

We may approve your overdrafts within your current available MoneyNow limit as long as you maintain your account in good standing, meaning you:

1.) Demonstrate responsible account management - such as making regular deposits to bring your account to a positive balance at least once every 30 days (including the payment of all credit union fees and charges);

2.) Avoid excessive overdrafts suggesting the use of MoneyNow as a continuing line of credit, and

3.) There are no legal orders, levies or liens against your account

Whether your overdraft is paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. We typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing.

Why didn’t my overdraft protection activate when my account was overdrawn?

A couple of reasons could be:

  • There weren’t enough funds available
  • Your overdraft loan may have been delinquent
  • Other accounts might be delinquent or negative

Each scenario is different, it’s best to call us to find out exactly what it is.


How much is required to open an account with your credit union?

You may open your savings account with any amount over $10 per member; a checking account must have an opening deposit of $20. We ask that you maintain a $100 balance in your savings, or a combined total between savings and checking to avoid the monthly service charge for your account.

Is my money safe at Michigan First?

Yes!  Your account is protected by up to $500,000 in federal insurance.

Who is eligible to join the credit union?

If you live, work, or worship in the state of Michigan, you are eligible to join Michigan First.


What is a SavingsPlus account?

The SavingsPlus account is a savings account available exclusively online. This online account pays a higher dividend rate on deposits. Compare it to our other accounts.

Checking Accounts

Does Michigan First offer free checking?

We sure do! Our Premier Checking account has no monthly maintenance fees and features convenient automatic transfer overdraft protection from your savings account. Check out the benefits.

How do I change to a different checking account?

Just open a new account with a separate account number. Open your new account online or by visiting any of our super-friendly branches.

How do I open a checking account?

Nothing could be simpler! Open your account in 10 minutes or less! You have two options: call us at 800.664.3828 or visit any one of our branches.

How do I order checks?

Contact us at 800.664.3828 or visit the Harland Clarke-Liberty website.

How much are Michigan First designer checks?

Checks start at $17.70.

How old do you have to be to open a checking account?

18 years old. But, if you’re not quite there yet, our MoneyTeens® and MoneyKids® programs allow those 17 & younger to open a checking account with a parent/guardian as a joint account holder.


Can I apply for a Skip-A-Pay in advance?

A Skip-A-Pay can only be requested once your current monthly payment has been made. For example, if your loan is due on June 20th and you want to skip your July payment you can make your Skip-A-Pay request for July only after you have made your June payment. 

Can I request a Skip-A-Pay if the funds for the processing fee are not in my account?

No, funds for the Skip-A-Pay processing fee must be available at the time of your request. 

Can I request a Skip-A-Pay on the day my loan is due?

No, Skip-A-Pay requests can only be made prior to the loans due date.

Can I use funds from a different account to pay the Skip-A-Pay fee?

No, funds for the Skip-A-Pay processing fee must be available in a share on the same account number as the loan. 

How can I apply for Skip-A-Pay?

Currently you can apply for Skip-A-Pay in person at any Michigan First Credit Union branch location, by mail or fax by filling out the Skip-A-Pay request form. You can also request to Skip-A-Pay in online banking under the loans tab and within our Michigan First Mobile app.

What if I don’t want to skip my December payment? Can I skip two other months?

No. Loans are only eligible for Skip-A-Pay in December and one other month of your choosing between February and October.  

What loans are ineligible for Skip-A-Pay?

  • Mortgages
  • Guaranteed Student Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Special Relief Loans (Fresh Start Loan)


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