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How can I dispute an ATM withdrawal or transaction on my account?

Call our 365 Live call center at 800.664.3828 or visit one our branches for assistance.

I did not authorize this withdrawal from my checking account, how do I get my money back?

The resolution depends on the specific transaction and how it cleared your Michigan First account. Please call our 365 Live call center at 800.664.3828 or visit a branch for assistance with your dispute.

I was sent an email about updating my information. Is this fraud?

If you received a suspicious email regarding updating your information, please do not respond to it. Michigan First will never send an email requesting sensitive personal information.


What should I do if I lost my card, it was stolen or I think my card number may have been compromised?

Please call any of the numbers listed below immediately, and review your transactions online. Always contact us if you notice any unauthorized transactions on your account.

Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Card : 800.664.3828
888.241.2510 Toll-free within the US
909.941.1398 Collect calls outside the US
Lost or stolen Experience Michigan First Rewards® Visa®: 866.570.1238

Why do I need to call the credit union and tell them when I am traveling abroad?

Your card is monitored constantly to detect the first sign of any fraud. If you suddenly have transactions showing up out of state or out of the country, your card will be blocked for any further transactions. Attempts will be made to contact you at your home to confirm that you have your card. We can place a notation on your account as to where and when you are traveling to assist you with uninterrupted service on your card(s).