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Can a business have a debit card?

Yes, a business account may be issued a debit card, however, the card cannot be in the business’s name. It must be in the name of a listed authorized signer(s) for the business account. Business accounts that require more than one signature to process a withdrawal are NOT eligible for a debit card.

How is Online Business Banking different from other business banking solutions?

Online Business Banking offers tools that allow companies to manage access to their accounts. Each employee has his / her own individual login which allows the business to control each employee's access. The level of access to cash management functions is determined by the appropriate supervisor, who can designate specific rights and transaction limits to different employee groups. This allows your business to be in full control of your cash management process.

What makes Michigan First the right choice for my business?

Michigan First will be here as your business grows, offering the right combination of loans, deposit accounts and other financial services to help you successfully manage your operations. You can rely on us as a trusted advisor with fair, up-front pricing and no hidden fees.

Plus, when you share Michigan First with your employees and choose Michigan First for your own personal banking needs, we reward you by reducing your costs for valuable business services.