The government has begun to deposit economic stimulus payments to those with direct deposit set up with the IRS. The process of issuing payments will take several weeks and people will receive them at varying times. Please use online banking or our mobile app to view your most recent deposits and availability of funds. Those with direct deposit will receive funds first.

When will I receive my check?

The IRS has indicated they have started printing and mailing checks, beginning with checks with a pay date of Friday, April 24. The IRS began mailing checks on April 18 and will continue to do so daily until all checks have been delivered. The IRS does not provide Michigan First with any information on when individuals will receive their payments. We are unable to tell you when you will receive your personal payment.

I have direct deposit. How do I know when my stimulus money has been deposited?

  • Download the Michigan First Mobile App, if you haven’t already,
    • You can check your transactions and see your stimulus payment from the IRS.
    • Learn how to use Remote Check Deposit, so you can deposit checks with your mobile phone or tablet from the Michigan First Mobile app
    • Set up deposit alerts, so you can be notified when you receive your direct deposit.
      • You can do this by:
      • 1. Settings (Gear Icon)
      • 2. Alert Preferences
      • 3. Transaction
      • 4. Plus Sign
      • 5. Create a Deposit Alert
      • 6. Select Your Account and Notification Type
      • 7. Add.
  • Sign up for online banking if you haven’t already to view your transactions and deposits to see if you received your stimulus payment from the IRS. You can also set up deposit and another account alerts as well.

I am receiving a paper stimulus check. How do I deposit it?

  • The quickest and easiest way is to deposit it through our mobile app.
  • You can also deposit your check at any Michigan First ATM.

At this time, in-person branch visits should be limited to urgent needs only. If you need to meet with a desk representative at one of our traditional branches (those not located inside Kroger or Walmart), you may do so by appointment only. To make an appointment, please call our 365 Live Team at 800.664.3828.

I have questions about the amount of my payment. Who can help me?

Michigan First does not receive information from the IRS on any of our members’ eligibility or the amount of the payment you will receive.

Please visit the IRS FAQ page for the most up-to-date answers to your questions, including:

  • Will I get a payment?
  • How much will my payment be?
  • How and when will I receive it?
  • Do I need to do anything to get it?

Use this 2020 Stimulus Check Calculator from TurboTax to estimate your payment.

What can I do to protect against fraud?

  • Check the IRS website for information about your payment status and account information.
  • Make sure your contact information is accurate in your account.
  • Set up security and account alerts.
  • Remember, if we need to reach out to you, we’ll NEVER ask for personal or financial information or an access code through email, text, or unsolicited calls.
  • Visit our fraud protection page or the Federal Trade Commission’s Coronavirus Scam Tips for tips on how to recognize potential scams and learn more about how to keep your accounts secure.

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