How to Save Money on School Supplies

It’s officially back to school season. Parents, can your budget pass the test of buying this year’s school supplies? Don’t worry – we have a study guide that will help you save. See What You Already Have: Odds are most of the school supplies on your list can be found in your home. Before you …Continue Reading

Budgeting for Special Events

An old friend invites you get drinks Tuesday after work, your niece has a birthday on Saturday, then your neighbor has a housewarming party on Sunday. You look at your credit card and suddenly all of these unexpected special events really added up. Many people focus on cutting grocery bills, debt, and daily coffee when …Continue Reading

Couponing – Get More for Your Money

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, grocery shopping can take a huge chunk out of your budget. But it doesn’t have to. Take the show Extreme Couponing, it’s amazing the amount of goods that can be purchased for next to nothing. Even though shopping hauls like that aren’t exactly feasible for the average …Continue Reading

Cut your Impulse Spending With These Four Simple Tricks

What is impulse buying? For me it’s when you run into Target for salsa and walk out with a new notepad, book, or clothing that I just had to have. For you, maybe it’s that random Amazon Daily Deal that you totally needed. Whatever your impulse spending culprit may be, here are a few tricks …Continue Reading

Fast Food Frenzy: Best Chicken Nuggets for Your Buck

Going out to eat is all fun and games until you realize how much it’s killing your budget. From the $1 McDonald’s soft drink to the lavish four-course Taco Bell meal, every dollar counts when you’re on a budget. That’s why Rachel and I set out to find the best deal on chicken nuggets. The …Continue Reading

A Wedding Guest’s Guide to Not Going Broke

Spring is the official start of wedding season. Buying a gift, finding an outfit, and traveling to the wedding can start to add up quickly. The Michigan average cash gift is $104 and the national average is $160, according to wedding-registry website Tendr, based on data from the 2016 wedding season. We’ve got some tricks …Continue Reading

Money Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Growing up in my house meant many things, but it never meant being afraid of your finances. There are six money lessons that my mother taught me which have stuck with me all of my life and have allowed me to be in control of my money. Never Buy Anything Full Priced (If You Can) …Continue Reading

Seven Things to Consider When Purchasing Homeowner’s Insurance

Choosing the right home and contents (meaning everything in your home) insurance involves more than simply valuing your assets and choosing the cheapest premium. Insurers design different insurance products to suit a broad customer base, so it’s important to make sure the insurance you buy covers those inclusions that are important to you. Here are …Continue Reading

Building a Work Wardrobe on a Budget

You finally land a great job or internship and realize you have nothing to wear. Upgrading your college sweats and leggings to an office appropriate attire isn’t easy or cheap. Don’t Buy it all at Once – One of the biggest mistakes you can make when building your new wardrobe is to buy it all …Continue Reading

Money Saving Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

Congrats, you just got a new house or apartment. It’s an exciting time but if you’re like me, you’ve spent most of your money on that security deposit or down payment. Now, you have to find a way to furnish your new pad without breaking the bank. As a recent college graduate, I’ve been there …Continue Reading
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