Three Tips for Keeping Credit Cards Safe During Travel

If you have travel plans this spring or summer, make sure you take precautions to protect your credit cards so you can enjoy every moment of the trip, instead of dealing with credit card issues! USA Today provides some safety tips to help protect your card: Only take one or two credit cards to use …Continue Reading

The Pros and Cons of a Store Credit Card

Store credit cards might get a bad rap, since some people who get them aren’t the best at money management. But if you take the time to think carefully and avoid making the impulse decision at the counter, opening a store credit card could work out in your favor. PROS? The initial discount you get …Continue Reading

5 FAQs About EMV Cards

Recently, the U.S. introduced a new standard for credit and debit cards – EMV (Europay, MasterCard, VISA). EMV cards are equipped with computer chips designed to authenticate transactions, much like the old magnetic stripe cards. Europe has used EMV for years, but the U.S. is just jumping on the wagon. We’ve got some frequently asked …Continue Reading

3 Ways a Credit Card Can Help You

by Janelle Witting Credit cards get a bad rap – mostly because some people don’t use them responsibly. The reality is that when used correctly, credit cards can be a valuable asset and a great tool for building a solid credit history. Boost your credit score. If you have poor or limited credit history (say, …Continue Reading

4 Tips for Traveling With a Credit Card

by Janelle Witting Keeping Your Balance is a blog brought to you by Michigan First Credit Union and The Oakland Press. Whether you’re an international jet-setter or more of a camping-by-the-lake type, traveling is a great way to reduce stress and take a break from hectic daily schedules. A change of pace can recharge and …Continue Reading

“Know Before You Owe” … a New Mortgage Regulation

Effective October 3, 2015 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, will implement a new regulation for the home buying process titled “Know Before You Owe”. The purpose of the regulation is to improve the way you’ll receive information about mortgage loans when you apply and when you’re getting ready to close. Sometimes regulations can …Continue Reading

3 Credit Mistakes Made at Any Age

At Michigan First, our goal is to help you become money smart. Why do we care so much? Because healthy finances mean our members can breathe easier and plan for the future instead of living paycheck to paycheck. Credit mistakes aren’t limited to the very young – plenty of adults damage their credit without even …Continue Reading

Add on, Fix Up and Deck Out

Fall is a popular season for home improvement projects such has a new roof, replacement windows, new flooring and making sure your furnace is all set for the colder months that are just around the corner. Regardless of your need, replacement or repair, a Michigan First loan can help make it happen. To learn more, …Continue Reading

Is Adventure Calling?

Looking to enjoy the great outdoors one last time this fall? Whether your adventure style is extreme or a little more casual, Michigan First has you covered with recreation loans for RVs, 4-wheelers and more! Our competitive rates will ensure the only adventure worry you’ll have is the amount of s’mores to pack. To learn …Continue Reading

Simplify Life, We Mean Your Student Loans

Congratulations recent college graduates! We hope your post-college life has been treating you well. If it hasn’t happened already, then very soon you’ll begin repaying your student loans. Wow, reality just hit. With our PLUS Loan Refinance option, you can simplify your life by consolidating your loans into one loan, with one payment at a …Continue Reading
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