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Networking For Those Who Think Networking Is Boring

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money I don’t know about you, but I cringe when I hear the word “networking.” Guys in stuffy suits, women with hairspray-helmet hair, lots of handshakes, chit-chat, fake smiling, waiters with things like salmon puffs and foie gras on trays (does that happen? Maybe I’m making that up.) Employers, …Continue Reading

Cut Coffee Costs!

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money I’ve been in a deeply committed relationship with coffee for several years now. However, unlike many others, it takes very little to please me. Brewed at home, Tim Horton’s, 7-Eleven, gas station coffee, Starbucks, Biggby, Dunkin’ Donuts … it doesn’t really matter to me where I buy it. …Continue Reading

5 Really Weird Life Hacks

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money I’m a big fan of finding neat, inexpensive tricks to fix everyday problems. Naturally, is a site I visit frequently to get cool and innovative ideas to solve pesky day-to-day problems. Below are five of the newest tricks I’ve picked up – but there are more in the original …Continue Reading

50 Things We Don’t Do Anymore

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money We’re not that old. I guess to a five-year-old, we seem old. But even a 40-year-old will laugh in my face if I say I feel old. I feel the need to defend myself! Millenials grew up in a very weird time when the technology shift was enormous. …Continue Reading

Stop Telling Yourself These Money Lies

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money Growing up means lots of things. Buying enough underwear to make it through a solid two weeks without doing laundry. Remembering that leaving microwaved cheese crusted onto a bowl in the sink means getting out the chisel later. Realizing that you can’t, and never will be able to, …Continue Reading

Top-Grossing Actors of 2012

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money A little light’n’fluffy for y’all today. listed the top-grossing actors of 2012, and isn’t it fun to imagine what your life would be like if you had twelve gazillion dollars in the bank because you starred in an outrageously successful movie? That would be your life if you …Continue Reading

5 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money Nowadays, identity theft and privacy invasions are something to think about. My mom puts everything through the shredder. My dad thinks that everyday people can hack into my webcam and stare at the faces I make while I stare at Tumblr. While it may be a tad extreme, …Continue Reading

Wedding Bar Tab Blues

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money Planning a wedding is exciting, yet stressful. This is something I don’t know about first-hand, but I’ve seen quite a few friends/cousins/randoms go through the process, and I’m not clamoring to be the next one just yet. Aside from the ceremony, you’re essentially planning a giant party. You …Continue Reading

Don’t Make These Credit Mistakes

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money It’s easy to trash your credit score, but it’s not so easy to get it back up again. Missing even a couple of payments can mess things up. The best advice is to just never have bad credit. If you do that, you’re golden.  While perusing the Information …Continue Reading

The Busy Trap

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money How many people per day tell you that they’re “really busy?” How about “very busy,” “super busy,” “unbelievably busy?” When I tell someone how busy I’ve been lately, it sort of feels like I’m bragging. It’s like I’m saying to them, “I’m an important person with lots of demands on …Continue Reading
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