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7 Ways to Budget Smarter
6 Ways to Break Bad Credit Card Habits

5 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money Nowadays, identity theft and privacy invasions are something to think about. My mom puts everything through the shredder. My dad thinks that everyday people can hack into my webcam and stare at the faces I make while I stare at Tumblr. While it may be a tad extreme, …

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Wedding Bar Tab Blues

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money Planning a wedding is exciting, yet stressful. This is something I don’t know about first-hand, but I’ve seen quite a few friends/cousins/randoms go through the process, and I’m not clamoring to be the next one just yet. Aside from the ceremony, you’re essentially planning a giant party. You …

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Don’t Make These Credit Mistakes

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money It’s easy to trash your credit score, but it’s not so easy to get it back up again. Missing even a couple of payments can mess things up. The best advice is to just never have bad credit. If you do that, you’re golden.  While perusing the Information …

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The Busy Trap

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money How many people per day tell you that they’re “really busy?” How about “very busy,” “super busy,” “unbelievably busy?” When I tell someone how busy I’ve been lately, it sort of feels like I’m bragging. It’s like I’m saying to them, “I’m an important person with lots of demands on …

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Budgeting for Single Parents

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money A lot of people in this age group are planning their weddings, buying houses, having babies. But what about the ones who did all of that already – and now find themselves as single parents? Some are single parents from the start, which is a whole different situation. Some, …

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Re-Up Your Energy

Smartphones are awesome. Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, phone calls, texts, whenever, wherever! They’re super nice for keeping in contact with loved ones wherever we go, but on the flip side, they’ve also enabled us to keep plugged into our jobs round the clock. Constant connectivity can mean longer hours, more meetings, and separation anxiety from our …

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Throw a Classy Dinner Party on a Budget

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money I frequently like to pretend I am a grown-up. A real, live, I-drink-wine-out-of-a-wine-glass adult. Sometimes, though, when I’m pretending to be classy, I realize that class can end up costing a lot of money. To the Internet! I found a cool article on on how to host …

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Eating Clean and Saving Green

by Janelle O’Hara for My So-Called Money While I could never be a vegetarian (I only like probably 2 vegetables) and I DEFINITELY couldn’t be a vegan (soy milk does not agree with my taste buds at all, nor could I give up eggs and um basically everything else I eat because I apparently eat …

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How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift?

 by Janelle Witting Marriage is a beautiful thing, and I am genuinely happy for anyone that chooses to make that giant leap. (Unless that person is marrying a jerk. But I digress.) However, there is one thing that I’m not happy about: the strain on the wallet. Weddings can be expensive for everyone, from the bride and groom …

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