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Tips for Saving Money on a Summer Road Trip

One of the best parts of summer is going up north to the lake or down to visit a relative you don’t often see. Whatever your reason for taking a road trip, follow these tips to remember the trip for the memories made and not the money spent. 1. Schedule a Tune-up An easy way …

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Start Paying Off Outstanding Credit Card Balances

It’s time to start making changes to live a healthier lifestyle. While many focus on diet and exercise, it’s important to also consider decisions that pertain to the health of your personal finances. Reducing outstanding credit card balances is a starting point for getting your finances in tip-top shape. What is an outstanding balance? It …

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The Bite Tonight: Favorite Detroit Spots, Weekly Specials, and the Best Time to Go

Michigan First Credit Union partnered with Jewell Dziendziel from The Bite Tonight to offer helpful tips to enjoy Detroit’s latest dining hotspots without over spending. Here’s a look at Jewell’s favorite places and take on how to make your dollar stretch while your there! Selden Standard, Midtown Detroit Like most places in Detroit, the menu …

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Seven Affordable Date Ideas to Help You Prioritize Date Night

Photo by Amy Paulson Photography Written by Peg Theobald “A successful marriage is not something that just magically happened. It’s something that was built upon years of love, patience, loyalty, kindness, passion and understanding.” – Unknown After having our second child, my husband and I were struggling in our relationship. Of course, the lack of …

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Five Tips to Standout AFTER a Job Interview

Is it possible to increase your likelihood of landing a job after an interview? Often time’s job seekers don’t think standing out to hiring managers requires effort after the interview. You had a great interview, but attempts to land your dream job shouldn’t end there. Your communication with the company after the interview can sometimes …

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Cyber Security Tips and Tricks

Here are tips from about safely using mobile devices. It’s important to remember our phones store a great deal of personal information and we must use them wisely to protect it. The first step is to STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Stop: Make sure security measures are in place. Think: About the consequences of your actions …

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Are You Ready to Retire?

Ah, retirement. If TV commercials are to be believed, you’ll spend it taking long walks on the beach dressed all in white and frolicking in slow motion with well-behaved grandkids. But wait – who’s paying for that beach house and all those white linen shirts? You, that’s who. Are you ready to retire? It’s a …

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Considering an Early Retirement Offer: Should You Take It?

In today’s corporate environment, where cost cutting, restructuring, and downsizing are the norm, many employers are offering their employees early retirement packages. As you near retirement age, you may find yourself confronted with an offer from your employer for early retirement. Your employer may refer to the offer as a “golden handshake” or a “golden …

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Bank Using Our Michigan First Mobile App to Save Time and Money

Sometimes it feels like you’re always on the go, and balancing family, work, school and activities can be a bit challenging at times! If you’re searching for ways to make life easier when schedules are packed, download the Michigan First Mobile app to save yourself time, money and gas. The app allows you to do …

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Buying A Car: New or Used?

  Buying a car can be stressful and even a bit overwhelming. Before you even start to look for some new wheels, though, you need to make a decision: new or used? Here are some things to consider when making your decision. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A NEW CAR Customization. You can pretty much get whatever you …

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