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About Money Mentor

Managing your money and affording the lifestyle you want to live isn’t always easy. Money Mentor, a financial literacy program by Michigan First Credit Union, is here to show you how to live your best life on a budget. Through the use of group presentations, blogs, tips, tricks and social media, we’re taking a fresh approach to finances by teaching people how to better manage their money and credit.

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calculator graphicCalculators

Does math make your brain hurt? Check out our calculator tools to help ensure your finances are on point.

Videos and Blogs

Our blogs and videos can provide you with easy to understand solutions to all areas of your finances and life.

From the bundles of joy to family planning and everything in between.

When things in life go off course, learn how to manage and come out unscathed.

Finding a job and building a career is tough. Tips and tricks to succeed at both.

Line drawing of a graduation cap

Loans, books and tests oh my! Ace the college experience in more ways than just getting to class on time.

Plan for the future now, so one day carefree will mean more than just a day at the beach.

Need help planning a dating budget or for the wedding of your dreams? We can get you on the right path.

Are you part of a group that wants to learn about finances?
We've got you covered! Money Mentor offers FREE financial literacy presentations to classes, teams and other groups. Submit a request and you will hear from a team member soon! 
(Please note - at this time, we only offer presentations to groups of 10 or larger).
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