Throw a Super Bowl Party on a (Not So) Super Budget

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Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching and if you have ever thrown a Super Bowl party before you know that the cost of hosting can add up quickly. Don’t let the potential costs hinder you and your guests from crowding the couch, yelling at the TV or eating tons of snacks!

If you’ve been trying to avoid hosting the party in fear of overspending, check out these tips for throwing a Super Bowl party on a budget that isn’t thrown off-sides.

Chili “Kick-Off”

Instead of spending money on pizza or party trays, consider having a chili cook off. Have each guest bring their best chili recipe with all the toppings to go along with it! All guests take a moment to vote for the best chili and winner gets to go to Disney World — well maybe not exactly, but they will get bragging rights for best chili.

“Passing” Potluck

Instead of providing all the food yourself, ask each of your friends to bring a dish. While you can provide the main dishes, friends can easily bring a dip or dessert to liven up the spread.

Slow Cooker “Snap”

It’s time to break out your slow cooker. Whether you’re hosting a party for a few friends, or everyone in your family, slow cooker recipes are a cheap and easy way to feed the team. Recipes like pulled pork, spinach dip and mini meatballs are sure to be a hit. Check out all the recipes you can make for your players.

Off-Brand “Offense”

Purchasing brand name snacks is not budget-friendly – especially when people are going to be paying more attention to the TV than the bag of chips on the table. If you can trade your Tostitos for Kroger brand tortilla chips, you’ll save big – and your guests won’t know the difference.

Decoration “Defense”

If you’re decorating, hit the local dollar store for team-colored tablecloths, plates, napkins and streamers. By purchasing team colors rather than logos, you’ll spend less. Think twice before buying the Super Bowl merchandise from Target or Party City.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot to host a great game day. Whether you’re snacking on sampler trays, or grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, your guests will have fun being part of the festivities. You can still have an entertaining Super Bowl party knowing that you aren’t breaking the bank! Unless you’re rooting for the losing team – we don’t have any tips for that.

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