Resume Tips: First Impressions Count

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It’s no secret that the resume is a very significant part of an application. It is the employer’s first look at who you are and can determine your hiring fate. Here are some tips to consider when constructing your resume:

Pay Attention to Structure

A potential employer won’t take the time to review cluttered or unorganized resumes. A good rule to follow is to check that everything is consistent and symmetrical. If a headline is bold, make sure they’re all bold. If a month is abbreviated, abbreviate them all. If your text is 12-point font, be sure 12-point font is used across the board.

Action Words

It is best to use a variety of action and growth words when describing prior work experience. For example, a customer service manager might say, “Increased customer service rating by carrying out x, y, and z.” Examples of other action words include: managed, provided, assembled, assisted, connected, built, and created. The list goes on and on. Check it out.

Stay Relevant…

Do not include previous work history that isn’t related to the job. If you’re applying for an IT position, don’t include the two summers you babysat your neighbor’s kids. If you’re looking for an accounting position, don’t mention your guitar-playing on the side. Keep the content relevant.

…But Think Different

If you are new to the working world and don’t have a broad span of experience, think about your past experiences, situations, and teams where you learned important skills that are applicable to the position at hand. If you just graduated high school and you are applying for a position in customer service, you may want to mention that you were a part of your high school basketball team, where you learned how to work well with others. You may also want to mention the time you and your team worked the concession stand at the football game, and the knowledge you gained in customer service.

Review, Review and Review Again

It may seem obvious, but we all need a reminder now and again. Thoroughly review the resume. Look for grammar, structure, spelling mistakes, and make sure no information is missing. Ask a friend to review it too. A fresh set of eyes is always helpful. What is your best tip to get your resume noticed?

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