Budget-Friendly Winter Activities

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Cold winter days are perfect for cozying up next to a fire, wrapped up in a blanket, but they are also perfect for having some fun outside in the snow or getting fresh air. Below are a few budget-friendly ways you can have some fun during the cold months.


Have a Snow Day

One of the comfiest winter activities is to spend time inside having a snow day - with or without snow. Spend time with friends or family by hosting a movie night with comfy blankets and hot chocolate, turning your gathering into a game night, or having a potluck with dishes to share. You can also take a day for yourself by cozying up on the couch to watch your favorite show or pursue one of your favorite hobbies. If you want to spend time in the snow, have a snowball fight with your friends and family or snowman building contest. If there’s enough snow in your yard, go sledding or shovel the snow together as a family.


Research Free/Low-Cost Local Events

Even during the wintertime there are plenty of events that are taking place around Michigan. In Downtown Detroit, there is a family-friendly outdoor ice skating rink at Campus Martius which costs just under $20. This January, Grand Rapids is hosting World of Winter, a family-friendly event with more than 100 activities, attractions, and outdoor art installations across the city. The event goes through March 10.


Visit a State Park

Instead of staying home, opt to visit one of Michigan’s many state parks, recreation areas, or ski resorts. There’s sledding, snowboarding, ice fishing, and plenty of other winter sports to partake in. Many parks and recreation areas have equipment that you can rent for a fair price if you don’t have your own.


Do Some Housekeeping

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be outside during the colder months, decluttering your home is a great alternative while staying inside. It’s a great opportunity to clean the house and donate, sell, or throw out what you don’t use anymore. Get ahead of spring cleaning and spend some time doing so while it’s snowy outside.


Learn a New Hobby or Skill

The wintertime is also a great chance to finally start that hobby you’ve been putting off for months. There are plenty of hobbies, such as crochet, painting, trying out new recipes, or working out at home that are lower in cost. However you spend your winter, stay warm, safe, and enjoy the season filled with festive moments, cozy gatherings, and the joy of creating cherished memories with loved ones.  

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