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Whether it’s the first date, the fifth date, or the hundredth date, one thing rings true: dating can get expensive. To save money, but still have something cute, fun, or romantic to do with your significant other, try one of these out-of-the-box, at-home date nights!

Fun in the Kitchen

Dining in is more cost-effective than a night on the town or ordering in from a food delivery service, and spending the day in the kitchen with your significant other can be a lot of fun! As a bonus, you have someone to help clean afterward. Here are some fun kitchen ideas for you to try:

A fondue pot isn’t necessary to make melted cheese or chocolate, and a heavy-bottomed pan or a double boiler can be used to make some fantastic recipes. Get a wide assortment of fruits to dip in chocolate, and some different breads and vegetables to dip in cheese. Rank the foods from best to worst and compare lists when the sweets run low.

If competition is also in the air and there are some things in the pantry that are about to expire or need to be used to make space, hold a cooking competition. Pick out four random ingredients for each new chef to use in their dish and take some cues from Chopped. Whoever creates the best dish with the four ingredients is the winner and gets to pick the next date night activity. Bonus points for trying a completely new dish or style of cooking!

Simple Fun

Sometimes a laid back and quiet evening is the best you can ask for, especially if it’s cold outside. There are plenty of ways to have fun in your own home and here are just a few:

Turn your living room into an at-home spa by indulging in some cleansing face masks, salt scrubs, and warm towels. Create a calming atmosphere by dimming the lights and turning on relaxed music. Take turns learning easy massage techniques or having some fun with nail polish. For dinner, make something refreshing, like salad or smoothie bowls. Once you’re both done at the spa, spend the night in a pillow fort with a few movies on queue.

If a spa day doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, settle in for a game night instead! Games like Blackjack, War, Checkers or even Chess are great for two people. Get lost in a game of relationship trivia to learn more about each other, or play along to a few Jeopardy rounds to see who the evening winner will be. As long as board games like Monopoly are kept on the shelf, the night should go without a hitch!

Get Crafty

If there are craft supplies sitting around from that one trip to the hobby store, now’s the time to break them out and get creative.

Make a scrapbook with whatever creative things are sitting around and save a few relationship memories. Pipe cleaners, paper scraps, pattern scissors, colored pencils – the possibilities are endless. Spend time talking about the various memories that get added to the pages!

If making art is something that sounds like fun, try drawing each other in different styles of art. Get a notepad or a few sheets of loose paper and create the best portraits possible. Hang them up around the house for friends and family, or post them on social media and ask for critiques.

Host a Theme Night

A fancy party invitation isn’t the only way to get festive. Create a party for two with a fun theme night. Build your theme around items and outfits you have in your house and buy some food to match!

Is there a section of neon clothing in the closet? Bring on the wild makeup and hairstyles and tune into an 80s playlist. For dinner, open up a couple Lunchables packages with a side of Cool Ranch Doritos. Spend a few hours watching some top-rated movie classics with a bowl of microwavable popcorn to share between you. If you’re feeling daring and want a good laugh, try to learn the entirety of the Thriller dance together. Best dance move wins!

Is there a fancy outfit hanging around that you’ve only worn once? Get dressed up, turn on some classical music, and have a Gatsby-themed roaring twenties party. Serve some finger food like mini-sandwiches, deviled eggs, or jalapeno poppers. While dressed to the nines, try to learn a fun ballroom dance by looking up some beginning Waltz steps online.

Get creative with your significant other this year to come up with a fun and clever date night all your own!

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