Year in Review from Michael Poulos, President/CEO

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With each new year, we talk about significant growth – and while 2020 was by no means typical, we worked hard to adapt and continue the previous year’s forward momentum. So how exactly did we grow?

Here are Some of the Ways We Grew and Succeeded in 2020:

  • We now have over 175,000 members, and our total assets have grown to more than $1.3 billion. This represents a growth of over $325 million during the year.
  • More than $225 million in consumer loans were granted to members.
  • 365 Live, our around-the-clock call center, continues to take a record number of member calls and provides service anytime a member may need us.
  • More than 94% of members were served within seven minutes at our teller lines.
  • More than 75% of members visiting our financial service representatives received service within 10 minutes.
  • Michigan First Insurance Agency, which launched in May 2016, maintained strong growth. Members continue to save money with a broad array of insurance products.
  • Our Mortgage division continues to grow in volume and serving members. Originations in 2020 totaled more than $400 million, up over $270 million from the year before.
  • Through the Michigan First Foundation, our commitment to local communities remains strong. Our scholarship program gave awards of over $75,000 in 2020, and over $1.3 million to deserving students over the past 18 years.

We would all agree this has been an unexpected year and business has been anything but usual. However, we have done our best to ensure that members continue to have all the access and high level of service they have enjoyed for years. While other financial institutions closed branches, we kept ours open.  It hasn’t always been easy, but our members have adjusted their schedules and helped us alleviate high levels of branch traffic.  Thank you for that!

As a result of these and other efforts, the Credit Union won a number of local and national awards again, including 101 Best and Brightest to Work For (local, West Michigan and national), Detroit Free Press Top 100 Places to Work, and many others. Our team members work hard to provide exceptional service; we are very proud of them and their many accomplishments.

During 2021, Expect to See:

  • Continued efforts to reduce pricing for members.
  • Virtual seminars and other educational resources focused on financial literacy.
  • Continued growth for Michigan First Mortgage and Michigan First Insurance Agency.
  • More features added to our mobile app, which will make on-the-go banking even easier.

Thank you again for continuing to do business with us and giving us a record high number of referrals during 2020. We appreciate your help in keeping our team members and members safe during this year.

We look forward to even greater levels of growth and service in the future. Thank you for your loyalty, business and for choosing Michigan First!

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