3 Key Benefits to Construction Loans

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Written By Robert Eaves - Loan Officer

Been in the market for a home and haven’t found anything that’s just right? Or maybe you’re sick and tired of having offers beat out by more competitive bids? Had your eye on a housing development or own a plot of land and want to realize your ambitions of building on it?

In any scenario, a Construction to Permanent Loan from Michigan First Mortgage is a great option to make your dream home a reality! This program allows homebuyers to customize their home by combining construction costs and a permanent mortgage into one loan.

Whether you’re licensed in the trade and want to build your own home or looking to have the home of your dreams built for you, here are just a few of the ways we make the process easy!

De-stressing the Construction Loan Process

Building your home can be an involved process, even before adding financing to the mix. Picking out flooring, siding, and other cosmetic and functional features to customize your home is taxing in and of itself. Many Construction Loan options in the market today provide variable financing, preventing you from knowing what your final payment will be until the home is completed. This can add to the stress of building a home.

At Michigan First Mortgage, we lock in the rate at the beginning of the process, allowing you to know exactly what your monthly payment will be once your home is complete. Even in an environment where rising rates are the norm, our one step construction draw lending process can reduce your stress and allow you to focus on what’s important: building the home of your dreams.

Accelerating the build timeline with state-of-the-art technology

As certain phases of the construction process are complete, the builder requests money from the lender to move forward with the next part of the building process. This process involves checks and balances with appraisers, who confirm completion of each phase. With some lenders, lengthy inspections and draw timelines can create a lengthier build process. With Michigan First, our goal is to get you into the home as quickly as possible. Using our state-of-the-art technology, the builder can request a draw right from their phone by completing a visual walk through with us to confirm completion of the home. This shortens the 1-to-2-week process to as little as one day. Leveraging technology like this allows us to stay at the forefront of the building process, delivering the home of your dreams to you on a more timely basis.

We do everything in house

All our loan processing, underwriting, closing, and funding of the draw loan and mortgage is done in house. There is no outsourcing of your information to anyone outside the organization. This allows for greater efficiency, as we control the process from start to finish. At Michigan First, we’re always looking for a better way to deliver a quality stress free loan to you.

Interested in learning more about a Construction Loan through Michigan First Mortgage? Visit MichiganFirstMortgage.com to start the conversation.

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