Experience an easier transition into your new home.

Bridge Loans can help cover costs until your current house is sold.

Affordable short-term financing
Flexible loan amount
Transitions to a down payment

Buy yourself more time

Even with good planning, it's hard to coordinate the sale of your current home with the purchase of your new one. If the timing isn't perfect, your cash flow may get tight. Michigan First Mortgage can take some of the stress - and expense - out of the process with a Bridge Loan that keeps your finances on track. This affordable loan is a temporary loan that allows you to close on your new home even if your current home has not sold yet.

  • Competitive rates and low closing costs 
  • Loan is secured to buyer’s existing home (maximum 80% loan-to-value on current home)
  • Funds from the Bridge Loan are used as down payment on your new home

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